LEC Resumes Property Verification Around Mt. Coffee

The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) has resumed property verification near the Mount Coffee hydropower rehabilitation project.   The project is being implemented by the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) through a dedicated Project Implementation Unit (PIU).

The project began in May 2012 and is being carried out on a fast-track basis. Though the Ebola crisis forced the project to suspend on-site construction works in August 2014, the project procurement and manufacturing continued on schedule, and the project management team remobilized in late February.

Restart of construction works is planned for the near term, and the project environmental and social safeguards activities have resumed.

According to the announcement the social safeguards responsibilities include compensating all persons who will be affected by the project through loss of land or assets (structures or trees/crops), provided they were recorded before the compensation cut-off date.

The compensation and the affected populations are defined in the project’s Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs). The compensation process has already begun in the main project area for the people affected by the future reservoir.

All compensation and RAP activities are being led by the Project Implementation Unit using funds that have already been secured in a dedicated account.

The Government is now ready to begin the process of verification and compensation for all persons within the right of ways of the transmission lines for the project, which run between the Mt. Coffee hydropower plant in Harrisburg, Montserrado County, and the LEC substations in Bushrod Island and Paynesville.