‘Six Men Raped My Wife Before Me’…Man Reveals Chilling Account, As Others Give Similar Stories

By Victor C. Hanson Jr.

Yesterday, some stakeholders expressed frustration about how women and little girls in the country remain marginalized.

According to an elder of the VOA community in Brewerville, Abdul Sesay who made remark at the program said that rape is a threat to the survival of women and the advancement of a nation: bridging the gaps towards Justice and Accountability considers himself as a victim after losing his eyesight due to the torture given him while his wife was raped in his presence by six armed men.

Mr. Sesay said the issue of rape must be seen as nightmare to every man residing in the country and the world at large.

He explained that whenever he told people that he was a rape victim, they wondered how he was raped. “My eyes are damaged today because of those rapists and my wife is in serious agony now including me,” Mr. Sesay explained.

“I do not encourage anyone to give my female children money because some of them do that as means of getting the children closer so that they can have no fear whenever they (rapists) are ready for their evil acts; our friends are the ones rapping our children,” Mr. Sesay asserted.

Also making remark at the program, a community member of Margibi County, Sianneh Asilton narrated that she had a friend in her school that came from a village to live with a woman she called her aunty, who was a business woman and her husband was opulent and at certain time my friend started acting sad.

Miss Asilton said, “After asking our friend, she told me that her aunt’s husband usually have sexual intercourse with her whenever her aunty went out of town for business. We informed one of our friend’s father who was a police officer and he said that he could not do anything without any evidence; our friend whose father was a police officer hid himself in the people’s house and called the police when he was ready to forcibly use our friend and he was arrested and detained by the police”.

She stated that her friend was initially afraid that if she had told anyone about her ordeal, her aunty would have sent her back to the village and she could lose her chance of getting formal education; and after few days the man and his wife spent some money for his release from jail.

“If my other friend who planned the whole thing and sneaked under the girl’s bed had been killed, that would have been in vain, I believe the government is not working in our interest and not willing to stop rape in the country,” Miss Asilton intimated .

For her part Ida Moore, Chairperson, Rural Women, Bong County said, “Children who have been raped are not children who are wearing sexy clothes; they are little children under the ages 2 to 12 years; those rapists do not do these things because of pleasure; they do in the name of evil.”