Pro-Democracy Group Wants Executive Mansion Audited

The National Chairman of the Progressive Alliance Movement of Liberia has challenged President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to within 144 hours turn over her office and the entire Executive Mansion to the General Auditing Commission to conduct comprehensive audits on their financial trans-actions from 2006 to


Mr. Mamadee Keita said exposing the Executive Mansion to the integrity institution without hesitation and procrastination will practically demonstrate President Sirleaf’s commitment and readiness to lead the fight against corruption.

He said in a release that the office of the President and the Executive Mansion have for the past nine years dived into hundreds of millions of United States dollars of public funding without being accessible to the General Auditing Commission.

Mr. Keita said the battle to defeat corruption will not yield the anticipated results unless the Executive Mansion sets examples.

He said the presidency can in no way be exempted from the current wave of the aggressive corruption in government as it continues to support the selective audits of government officials based on interests and connections.

Mr. Keita said any attempt by President Sirleaf to set-aside the General Auditing Commission will be considered as an affront to international best practices and the continuous empowerment of corruption.

The pro-democracy Leader has meanwhile,, threatened that the appropriate local and international efforts will be made to compel President Sirleaf to face the GAC, if the 144 hours ultimatum is not honored in line with the principles of transparency and accountability.