Praying Mother Compromises Rape Case?

By Jefferson D. Tweh

The Praying Mother of the Holy Ghost Fire Praying and Healing Ministry Incorporated Church in Moboe Town West, Bushrod Island, Mother Lucy Doe has allegedly compromised rape case in her church.     A member of the church told this paper that while Mother Doe went to the Doe Community last week Sunday to pray for some sick persons, a male member of her church allegedly raped a 16-year old girl identified as Kebbeh Sunday night, March 22, 2015.

He explained that the alleged victim had gone to Mother Doe to seek spiritual treatment because she was sick and it was at time the accused raped her, something he described as ungodly, heinous and abuse to women rights.

According to him, when Mother Lucy Doe came from Doe Community, some of the church members told her about what unfolded Sunday night but she told the church members not to tell anybody about the news and that the rape case should be compromised because that could tarnish the name of the ministry.

He added that Mother Lucy Doe secretly warned all members in the church not to disclose such information to anybody because it could have negative impact on her church.

When our reporter visited the Holy Ghost Fire Praying and Healing Ministry Church to find out about the rape issue, Mother Lucy Doe told our reporter that nothing happened in her church and that nobody raped any girl.

While our reporter was interviewing the alleged raped girl by her minstry’s member, Mother Lucy Doe became infuriated and told the girl not to explain anything and then took her away which has caused some members of the church to differ with Mother Lucy Doe for not saying the truth.

”We must admit that the girl was raped by one of the boys here and it is disheartening, frustrating and shameful to see Mother Doe lie to journalists because this thing has happened, and we must say the truth because we are serving God,” Church members lamented.

Some concerned community dwellers also said that the church should be the one to set good examples at all times and that it should not be involved in acts that would tarnish the image of Christians in the country. The community dwellers are therefore calling on the Ministry of Gender and Development to launch an investigation into the matter.