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CDC’s Meeting With States Department Officials: Why All This Rush About Information?

By Atty Philip N. Wesseh (PNW)

Yesterday, one of the issues of discussion on the truth FM Breakfast morning program was the reported visit of a delegation of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC)’s visit to the State Department of the United States of America. That department is like our Foreign Ministry in this country. The issue was brought out by the senior host or presenter of the program, Solomon Ware. Like others, he was concerned that there has been no information of whatever discussion or meeting members of the CDC the delegation may have had with officials of the State Department headed by John Kerry.

Indeed, those who are eager to get information about this visit have all reasons for this because in such a matter or situation, people, including partisans want to really know those issues raised by the delegation. Therefore, the over two weeks visit without information is a matter of concern. This could lead to unnecessary speculation and rumor-mongering as to the real purpose of the delegation.

Already, as I intuitively gathered from the program yesterday morning, some individuals are expressing doubts about the delegation’s actual mission in the United States, a great friend of this country that has been of great help. Also, some people are doubting a group photo taken before the States Department, as an indication or an incontrovertible evidence of the delegation’s mission to the United States Department. They claimed that anyone can take such photo without necessarily meeting any officials of that Department.

Besides, it is common knowledge that the United States remains a strong partner in this country’s development initiatives. Today, it remains the single donor to Liberia, and is considered Liberia’s traditional friend, to an extent that whatever takes place in this country, if the United States does not act or comment, this is seen as a betrayal.This is how theUnited States is to this country. As such, for an opposition party, like the CDC to announce that it was doing to meet states department officials, this was welcome news as such a visit could be of help to this country.

As I stated, those who want to get information about this visit now, have all reasons, but perhaps the group wants to complete this visit before ‘saying anything.” Sometimes in such a situation, a delegation wants to complete discussions before coming public. On the other hand, others may want to do it at various stages of the visit. Perhaps the CDC, whose delegation includes Rep. Acarous Gray, who knows the value of the media, wants to pursue the diplomatic line by waiting until the completion of the visit.

For me, I do not want to be on the side of the “doubting Thomas.” I do not believe that the CDC which is also seeking state power would want to stab itself in the leg by telling the Liberians one thing and then doing different thing in the United States. In fact, the world in terms of communication is referred to as a “Global Village,” meaning that whatever goes on in other countries can easily be monitored or gathered in other countries through the power of electronic communication.

Indisputably, one of the perversities a political institution, like the CDC can commit is to be involved in a situation that would later prove to be the complete opposite. That means that its yea, should be yea, and nay should be nay. And so when the CDC says it is going to the United States to meet States Department officials that should be the focus. Conversely, if this is not true, then, it is the greatest mistake on the part of the party. But again, we cannot pass judgment now, as I still believe that the CDC did not tell lies to the Liberian people that it was going to meet States Department officials.

Howbeit, with this controversy surrounding the party’s mission in the United States, this is where investigative journalism comes in. The Liberian media needs to focus on this matter to get to its bottom and be able to establish the truth of this matter. As I close this short piece, I am of the conviction that the CDC did not lie to the Liberian people; it is seeking to lead in few years. In fact, it has no reasons to lie. If it is going on a visit to the States, it should say so or if it was going on a visit to meet its partisans in that party of the country, it should have said so. Therefore, let all of us wait in the next few days.

As it is said in the Liberian parlance, “if you rush, you will crush,” hence, let us be patient until the delegation returns from its visit to the States Department. One thing I know is that there is only one State Department in the United States, like we have one Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Liberia.

I still believe that the CDC did not lie; let us patiently wait for this meeting to take place. Let us take what the party said. I know that as a communicator, the absence of information when necessary creates room for all kinds of speculations, disbelief and rumor. This is exactly what is obtaining at the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) over a controversial bidding process. By now, the management should have explained and given reason why it has cancelled the first bidding process. Up to press time, it has failed to give any reason, especially so when it is being accused of foul play, an act tantamount to graft.

Again, on this matter at bar, let me say that by now, there should have been some information about this meeting. But as I said, perhaps the party wants to wait until the conclusion of these discussions before making any comment. I Rest My Case.



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