Helping To Restore Lux FM

FIRE LAST WEEKEND damaged “Lux FM,” the radio station at the University of Liberia, under its Mass Communication Department on Capitol Hill. The incident which has been attributed to electrical fault has now affected operation of the station as major pieces of equipment were destroyed by the fire.

OUR REPORTER WHO went on the scene said some firefighters of the Liberia National Fire Service were seen frantically fighting to extinguish the fire which they did after many properties had already been destroyed. He said if the Liberia National Fire Service had not gone to the scene, the entire Mass Communication Department would have been in ashes.

THE STATION WHICH has been useful to students in exposing them to a hand-on approach to their field of specialization has also been involved in programs and activities, not only for the campus but the society, especially, its night security alert for various communities. In recent times, it also dedicated some of its air time to the fight against Ebola virus that hit the country and has now claimed the lives of hundreds of Liberians.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, THE station has been a training center for students who are expected to take over the journalism profession as the older ones face out. It has been exposing them to the practical nature of the profession as it blends both theory and practice so that should they enter the mainstream of the profession, things would not appear strange to them.

IT IS NOT a gainsaying that this fire has caused a complete setback to the operation of this station, and mostly to the learning aspect of these students. This is why it is necessary to begin to identify with the institution by making their needed assistance to have the station back on the air, as the school has now reopened following months of closure because of the Ebola outbreak.

ONCE AGAIN, CONSIDERING the role of the station and its usefulness to the students; let everything be done in collaboration with the university to have the station back on the air. Hence, we call on development partners, like the UNDP and others to join this campaign to restore Lux FM.

WE BELIEVE WHATEVER contribution whether in kind or cash will greatly contribute to restoring the station. THIS IS OUR PLEA!