Top Labour Leader Supports Tipoteh For 2017

Mrs. Elitha T. Manning, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Union of Informal Sector Women and Youth of Liberia, has welcomed Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh standing up to be the next President of Liberia.

Mrs. Manning holds the view that Dr. Tipoteh is the best person to serve as the next President of Liberia because of the great work he has done and continues to do in the interest of the poor people of Liberia.

Mrs. Manning points particularly to Dr. Tipoteh’s work over 30 years in helping poor farmers, poor workers, poor women and poor youth to help themselves in getting out of poverty.

Mrs. Manning recalls how Dr. Tipoteh began working among farmers in the poorest part of Liberia and how he began serving as Principal Advisor to the workers of Liberia since the early 1970s.

Mrs. Manning remembers how Dr. Tipoteh started pushing for better conditions for the rubber tappers at the Firestone Rubber Plantations while he was walking from place to place in his famous Tipoteh rubber sandals.

According to Mrs. Manning, Dr. Tipoteh prepared the Iron Ore Mine workers of Liberia well when they negotiated the best contract for mine workers in Africa during the 1970s.

At that time, Mrs. Manning claimed that management, especially the LAMCO Management, acted most irresponsibly by not implementing the contract that they had signed.

The longstanding top Labour Leader, Mrs. Manning says that she is prepared to rally the workers, women and youth of Liberia in support of Dr. Tipoteh when the time for political campaigning comes.

She went on to say that farmers, workers, women and youth remain grateful to Dr. Tipoteh for his persistent and consistent work in helping the poor people of Liberia to help themselves. Mrs. Manning informs us that women are thankful to Dr. Tipoteh and this is why he is an Executive Board Member of the Liberian Women Initiative (LWI) whose Founding Chairperson is the Venerable Mother Dr. Mary Nema Brownell, the People’s Laureate for Peace.

Mrs. Manning concludes her welcoming statement, made over the weekend, by saying that although Dr. Tipoteh is not a corrupt and rich man, the poor people of Liberia will contribute their five Liberian Dollars a month to set up a Fund in the name of Dr. Tipoteh to help the poor with schooling, jobs and business projects soon rather than wait to spread money on political campaign because the poor people are suffering everyday, not only at the time of elections.

She thanked God that Dr. Tipoteh is not a candidate who got rich from sending Liberian youth to their death in the Civil War and he is not a candidate who is using government money to run political campaign by spreading the money among poor people, making it look like it is his own money. Mrs. Manning says that she is just anxiously waiting for the 2017 campaign to start so that she can campaign for Dr. Tipoteh to become the next President of Liberia.

Mr. Manning is immediate Past President-General of the Liberian Labour Congress, former President-General of the National Seamen’s, Ports and General Workers Union of Liberia and former President of the National Fisheries Union of Liberia.