Supt. Zuagele, Nimba Caucus In Good Rapport…Says Caucus Chair

Nimba County district#9 Representative, R. MantenokayTingban has says the caucus is now comfortable working with Superintendent Fong Zuagele instead of former Nimba County Development Superintendent, Teeko T. Yorlay.

He described Mr. Yorlay as a political virus that was in the county authority causing disunity within the county thus bring the county to a public disrepute.

“Those who are in the constant habit of disgracing the county, exposing the county to public disrepute should not be expose to opportunity in the county. There will be a political vaccine to get them out. There was a virus, the virus is out”, Representative Tingban claimed.

He said there is now a cordial working relationship amongst the county Legislative caucus and the local county authority. “If you have leadership that is influence by a virus, it becomes contaminated”.

He said the Fong Zuagele’s leadership was associated with a virus and now the virus is out, the county leadership has now become united.

Explaining furthered, Representative Tingban said the political vaccine is intended to get out all those who are considered as lawbreaker or people who are the caused for disunity in the county.

He maintained that the vaccine will clean the county and protect the image of the county.

The Nimba County district#9 lawmaker furthered stressed the need for young people of Nimba to unite as done by them in order to protect the image of the county. Over the past years, Representative Tingban avowed that the county image has been brought to public disrepute through social media and the media.

He urged the young people of the county to raise up and stand for development and avoid discussion that will bring disunity among Nimba people.

He made the assertion over the weekend in Paynesville during meeting with Nimba university students.

The meeting was called so as to inform students of the US$150,000 that was recently approved during the county council sitting for scholarship.

When the former Nimba County Development Superintendent, Yorlay was contacted he said he will react to the allegation after the publication of the story.