SEGAL Vows To Uphold Discipline, Uniformity

The Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL) has renewed its commitment to the general public that it will continue to maintain and straightly adhere to discipline and uniformity as part of its operations.

SEGAL says it will continue to highlight as priority the issue of discipline and uniformity as a key factor relevant to the existence of the guard agency.

SEGAL is one of the leading private security firms in the country that has and continues to meet the growing demand across the country.

In a conversation with Mr. Gbawu F. Woiwor, Administrative Manager/SEGAL over the weekend, he explained that the firm has tried as possible to meet clients’ demands due to the fact that their protection is the prime obligation of the institution.

“We have taken on the difficult task and responsibility of protecting these clients’ properties. So that is the major challenge we have and therefore we try by all means to fulfill that, ” he said.

On the issue of observing uniformity, Woiwor said, “uniforms are distributed based on employment into the agency. As you are deployed on the field you are issued uniforms because we do not allow you to go out there without our uniform.”

Mr. Woiwor added: “The moment you are given field deployment SEGAL issue you a new uniform which is durable and of high quality and is expected to serve you for at least a year.”

He narrated that the firm then insured that all of its guards are smartly dressed, stressing, “We have a guard force that is responsible to monitor the overall grooming of our security guards. They are our representatives.”

If our entire guard service structure is ill-maintained, Woiwor continues, it sends out a very negative image of our institution which is wrong because it is the institution corporate interest that we are presenting to the outside world.

The organization was earlier this year certificated by a consortium of civil society groups in Liberia based on efficiency and productivity.

The security firm over the last few years continues to live up to several post war challenges as evidenced by the employment opportunity being provided to scores of Liberians as well as buttressing government development agenda.