Red Cross Calls On All Liberians To Help End The Stigma And Ebola

The Liberia National Red Cross Society launches an anti-stigma campaign—Words Against Ebola to combat the stigma faced by Ebola survivors, healthcare workers and volunteers in Liberia, and around the world.

Mr. FayiahTamba, Secretary General of the Liberia National Red Cross Society said the recently confirmed new case of Ebola is a clear message that the outbreak is not over and that we need to continue to work together to take precautions against the disease and to support those healthcare workers and volunteers on the frontline.

“Until we change perceptions of the disease, it will not go away. As long as stigma exists, people may fear coming forward with a suspected case, survivors will struggle to re-engage their livelihoods, and responders will be ostracized when they should be celebrated,” said MrTamba.

Empowering, positive words are at the heart of the campaign being launched globally Monday 23 March in Conakry, Guinea, by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Words Against Ebola include: Hope, Support, Courage, Solidarity, Love, Trust, Dignity, Knowledge, Compassion, Collaboration.

“Our words can be powerful. We’re using that power to fight Ebola and the stigma,” said MrTamba. “We support the view that `complacency is the enemy’ in defeating the Ebola epidemic that has claimed more than 4,300 lives in Liberia alone. We urge all Liberians to continue with prevention and safety measures.”

People can get involved in the campaign by visiting the website: or Liberia

National Red Cross Society’s Facebook page:

The launch of the global campaign coincides with the first laboratory confirmed case of Ebola in Guinea on this day 12 months ago. Just weeks later, the first case was confirmed in Liberia. Since then, the Red Cross has worked to support the five pillars of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare’s response, in collaboration with other non-governmental partners.