“I Never Said He Was Gray D. Allison’s Son”-Emmanuel Bowier

By Jefferson D. Tweh

Former Information Minister, Rev. Emmanuel Bowier, has refuted report circulating in the Liberian Media that he (Bowier) said Cllr. Michael Allison was a son of the late Defense Minister Gray D. Allison and that he knew Cllr. Michael Allison from childhood days.

Speaking on Radio Monrovia 92.1 FM last week Friday, March 20, 2015, Rev. Bowier explained that he never said Cllr. Michael Allison was a son of Gray D. Allison and he did not know Cllr. Michael Allison from childhood days, as being speculated in the media.

Rev. Bowier said he knew Cllr. Michael Allison through former City Mayor, Madam Mary Broh. He said Madam Broh introduced Cllr. Michael Allison to him as a son of Gray D. Allison and how he became friendly with Cllr. Michael Allison but did not know him from childhood days.

Rev. Bowier added that he knew another Jonathan Allison, son of Gray D. Allison and that Gray D. Allison was his friend.

Rev. Bowier said he decided to engage the airway to explain to the public because he received many calls from some inhabitants and newsmen asking about an article written by journalist Charles Yates published in the Inquirer Newspaper that he (Bowier) is bearing false witness against neighbors.

“Cllr. Michael Allison told me that he felt threatened and I told him to go to the Liberia National Police or leave,” he said. Rev. Bowier said if the police calls him, he would explained exactly what the late Cllr. Michael Allison told him, and that he was not afraid of any eventuality because it will be unfair if he does not clarify the reports circulating in the media that he (Bowier) said Cllr.Michael Allison was a son of Gray D.Allison and that he Knew Cllr.Michael Allison from childhood days.

However during the radio talk show, one of the callers said he does not know why people are pursuing Cllr. Michael Allison’s death case because nothing positive will ever come out of it. Another caller said the Liberia National Police should carry out thorough investigation to know what led to the death of Cllr. Michael Allison because Liberians are seriously concerned about his death. Another caller said the death of Cllr. Michael Allison has created great fear in the country.

Journalist Yates said following the controversial death of the man who is claimed to be Michael Allison, Rev. Bowier publicly told the Liberian people by going on record to say that he knew the late whistleblower from his childhood days and that the man was the son of the former Defense Minister, Gray D. Allison. This account by Rev. Bowier, made the majority of the Liberian populace to believe that the late whistleblower was a Liberian since Rev. Bowier claimed to be a veteran Liberian historian.“ Rev. Bowier did not just say that he knew the man from his childhood days; he also said the man ran to him for rescue prior to his death, even though Rev. Bowier is not a policeman or a UN peace keeper.