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SOS Call For 11 Yr-Old Child

By Christiana Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

Ailing Towahlyn A. Towah, 11, who is suffering from what doctors perceived as tumor in the eyes is in dire need of help for advanced medical treatment.   According to the father of the sick child, Towah A. Towah, little Towahlyn has been suffering from this eye disease since 2011 when it first appeared like a sore in her right eye.

Mr. Towah said six months following the application of the medication for S.D.A Cooper Eye Clinic, the pain reinforced in his daughter’s eye for which they sought further relief at the Merci Ship and there, Towahlyn’s eye was washed because doctors on the ship described the problem as fluid in the eye.

He stated further that the problem however persisted and they took Towahlyn to the Duside Hospital in Harbel where they were informed that there was no eye doctor to test their daughter’s case therefore they went to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital but the problem was not diagnosed.

Mr. Towah said because there was no improvement on the eye, he returned to the S.D.A. Cooper Eye Clinic where his daughter had received treatment earlier and the eye was again washed and some medicine prescribed.

He said it was not until 2013 when the problem intensified with many other relatives ascribing the problem to that of witchcraft which prompted the family to take the child to prayer bands after prayer bands only to seek a solution. “By 2014, December, the growth covered the entire right eye and when we took her to the JFK again, it was reiterated that there was no instrument to treat such case,” Mr. Towah explained.

The ailing child’s father said while in the process of seeking solution, they came across Madam Charlesetta Williams of Healthpage in whose care they have entrusted their daughter so that she will be taken out of the country for further medical treatment.

He said based on the discussion, Towahlyn and all her medical documents were legally given to Madam Williams in January but since then, the reasons for which the sick child in her care has not left Liberia have always been different stories.

“It was not until last week Tuesday night that we heard Towahlyn yelling from her room only to find her left eye which had not been hurting bulged out of the eye socket, a situation which has caused us to make an SOS call, ”Towah explained. Mr. Towah said they took her back to the doctor who identified the problem as eye tumor.

He said presently, Towahlyn is not eating, talking or walking as she did when it was only her right eye that was hurting and that she has to be fed on soft food. He is therefore calling on NGOs, the Central Bank Governor, the Grand Gedeh Legislative Caucus, and all well meaning residents of Liberia to intervene so that his daughter can be saved. The Towah family can be reached on cell numbers 0777559497/0886549597 as he also lives in the Kebbah Community in Bardnersville Township.



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