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Veep Launches ‘Search For The Heroes Of Ebola War’

Liberia’s Vice President, Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai, has launched “ the search for the Heroes of the Ebola War” with a call for Liberians to learn to celebrate the small leaps that they take rather than remaining stuck in the pervasive practice of over-trumpeting the occasional missteps that they experienced.

“Our society has become unnecessarily boisterous and negative, even appearing as if we have fallen into the grips of cynicism and suspicion-deriving pleasure only from castigating, defaming, and rejecting our own,” Vice President Boakai said.

He said Liberians have not the slightest reservation in showering, often times, undeserved accolades on several societies they are making greater strides than them.

Veep, Boakai noted that “and so, it is more than befitting that we come to kick off a process that seeks to do honor to whom honor is truly due–even more so to celebrate our own.”

The Liberian Vice President said “this war that we found ourselves fighting was one with an assailant that was unknown. More besides, the lethal nature and capacity of the strange enemy defied all human reasoning. Any real pre-battle preparation was simply inconceivable. But here we are today—thanks to our Common Creator—we are persevering.”

Ambassador Boakai welcomed the undertaking with deep appreciation and paid special tribute to the thoughtfulness and humanity that occasioned the birth of the noble idea of organizing such a meaningful event.

He extended special commendations to the Feed the Future and the World Health Organization for the exemplary partnership.

He said by the launching, Liberians are unfurling a unique process that will enable them to chronicle, not only the already notable names that stand out as heroes and heroines of the Ebola war, but also the everyday Liberians who, night and day, manned the ETUs throughout the country.

“As so creatively fashioned by the Feed the Future-WHO Partnershipand fully endorsed and supported by us, this process will translate into the most honorable and deep-felt expression of gratitude to those who today have thrown Ebola in full retreat,” Vice President Boakai told the audience that gathered in the Ballroom of the Monrovia City Hall yesterday for the launching ceremony.

The Vice President said while Liberians have every reason to celebrate the turning of the tide of the war in their favor, let them however not take the risk of letting down their guards.

“Much as this enemy, Ebola, turned out to be unassuming in all respects, so also may be its battle tactics. We must remain on full alert, sustaining all of our preventive practices to ensure that whatever resurgence it may imagine and plan to mount fizzles in its tracts,” Ambassador Boakai said.

“And so let us find our unsung heroes. This is the task we have to face. Needless to say, we stand in great need of a real profound partnership with the news media, if we are to succeed in this. The role of the press in the search and identification of these yet unsung heroes is critical if not indispensable. The search will have to be grounded in an approach that is wholesome, in-depth and objective,” the Vice President intimated.

Speaking earlier at the program Feed the Future commended the Liberian media, the World Health Organization(WHO) , the Government of Liberia(GOL) and all of Liberia’s partners for helping to put Ebola on the retreat.

The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) President, Mr. K. Abdullai Kamara said the media had persisted when others did not want it to, noting that it will always persist from time to time.

He said the media will continue to highlight issues surrounding the fight against Ebola ranging from Ebola survivors fighting stigmatization; Ebola orphans quest for survival and noted that the opening of schools for the proper learning of Liberian children should also be considered as part of the Ebola fight.



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