‘Vaccines Are Essential Preventive Tools’ – Dr. Johnson

The Chief Medical Officer of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Monrovia has said that vaccines are a major means by which future disease outbreaks can be effectively averted.

Dr. Billy Johnson said the world could never have been a better place without important vaccines which have been developed over time to prevent some diseases that have threatened the existence of humanity.

Making a presentation at the Ministry of Information daily Ebola press conference on Tuesday, Johnson noted that the world will even be a more secure place if vaccines are developed for diseases such as malaria, typhoid and Ebola.

Dr. Johnson described the trial of two Ebola vaccines in Liberia as a safe process which could lead to a historical achievement in medical research.

He noted that only a large scale clinical trial can determine whether a vaccine will be proven fit to eradicate a disease, adding, “Liberians must embrace the trial process as it is done based on careful medical and international best standards.”

Meanwhile, Johnson has frowned on people spreading misinformation about the vaccine trial process, and urged them to desist as their actions will have a negative impact on the process.

According to the Chief Medical Officer, Liberia experienced an irreplaceable loss of lives as a result of the Ebola crisis, something which can be prevented in the future if there is a vaccine to battle the virus. LINA