Chinese Charity Identifies With Ebola Survivals/Orphans

Charity groups, WENZHOU Charity Association base in China have identified with several Ebola orphans and survivals through the Chinese Business Chambers Post-Ebola Support Program under the auspices of CHICO a road construction group in the country.       According to Huang Jianrong, Doctor-In-Charge at the Chinese Ebola treatment unit in Liberia, the WENZHOU Evening News, a local daily in China was instrumental in highlighting the plight of Ebola orphans and survivals during the high of the outbreak. This publication, Huang indicated, led to the timely intervention of the charity group.

Huang, recounted the difficult days when Liberia needed help from elsewhere, adding, “The great city of WENZHOU and its residents are deeply worried especially the Ebola orphans and are closely following the situation.”

Huang Jianrong, Zhao Xuehong, Tang Lingling and Xu Xiao Wei, are part of the elite unit from the People’s Liberation Army in the country responding to the United Nations calls for a greater effort to fight the deadly virus in West Africa.

Huang said the people of WENZHOU and elsewhere are delighted to be a part of the government effort in eradicating the virus from West Africa. He also spoke for the cordial working atmosphere that has and continue to exist amongst Chinese institutions in Liberia.

Similarly, Liu Shanliang, vice president of the Chinese road construction company CHICO, mentioned that US$ 35.000 was raised by the charity group and stressed that the group kind gesture is the first of it kind in the country.

He disclosed that a total of 11 survivals from the ELWA and Chinese Ebola treatment unit as well as 23 orphans will benefit from the assistance. The 11 survivals, Liu indicated, will received the amount of US$300 along with a bag of rice while the orphans will also received a bag of rice alongside cartoons of oil as well as several stationeries which could help meet some of their needs.

“We feel that such assistance is badly needed and will also serve as support because many of them have little means of survival.” He said the group is hopeful that over 1 million yen (Chinese currency) is raise in the process to help Ebola survivals and orphans.

As a result of the funds raised by the Chinese charity group, US$ 10.000 has been allocated for the construction of a new orphanage home to be named “House of Hope” and will help ease the housing needs of the orphans.

CHICO itself has over the last few years immensely contributed to a number of orphanage homes in Liberia, notable amongst the many, is the Children of Faith Orphanage in Grand Bassa County, Liberia.