Calm Returns ToZorzor, Fissebu

By Edwin G. Wandah- (From Zorzor, FissebuLofa County)

Relative calm has returned to ZorzorLofa County after a riot over the death of a young lady allegedly murdered by a Guinean national in Zorzor, and her body abandoned in the porch of a four-bed room house, adjacent the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church.

SiannehGayflor, who hailed from Fissebu, about 4 to 6 kilometers away from Zorzor was found dead in the house of boyfriend, AbouCamara, identified to be a Guinean national who is currently on the run.

According to several persons in Fissebu, including the victim’s father, SiannehGayflor went to Zorzor on Wednesday of March 4, 2015 to receive her monthly child support from the her ex-boyfriend prior to her demise on that Wednesday evening.

Our investigative reporter, who currently visited Zorzor and Fissebu respectively to verify circumstances surrounding the death of Sianneh, vividly saw the level of damage caused to the four bed room house by people who are yet to be identified.

Upon hearing the news, the victim’s father Zaza hurriedly returned to Zorzor along with some family members to perhaps take possession of their daughter’s corpse, but could not, due to a mandate from the Ministry of Justice requesting the body for autopsy in Monrovia.

At the residence of Fissebu Town Chief Lavila Papa, town chief Papa told this paper that the town came under heavy force from some personnel of the Liberia National Police PSU in Fissebu, torturing and burglarizing from peaceful citizens in the process.

“As I speak with you, I was tortured; my mobile phone is currently in the possession of the police,” Chief Lavila Papa stated.

He told this paper of his arrest and imprisonment in Voinjama and release for further investigation in Zorzor last week Monday of being in connection with the rioting in Zorzor.

A traditional women leader, Korpoe Lao also told the Inquirer in Fissebu that she and other women of the town fled for rescue after the Police entered the town and started terrorizing peaceful citizens in the town of being part of the rioting in Zorzor.

Our reporter vividly witnessed the scene of a burnt building, where the corpse of the victim was found in the porch, as a motorcyclist who took our reporter around, explained the mayhem that caused the deceased before her death as her body could show that she and her adversary may have fought before she was murdered.

Meanwhile, Zorzor City Mayor and Commissioner Zubah K. Johnson and Henry K. Wolobah are calling on citizens and residents of Zorzor and Fissebu to remain calm and give the Government chance to adequately investigate circumstances surrounding the death of the lady.

Speaking in a separate interview in Zorzor Monday morning, the two local Government officials explained that the death of Sianneh now amounts to about five in less than ten years.

Mayor Zubah K. Johnson told the Inquirer that in Konia, Kpasakisa and other surrounding towns have had their own history of some persons being killed.

According to him, in 2005, a Police officer yet to be identified was mysteriously murdered and skeleton found in an open, while, a boy, along with a girl were on two different occasions murdered, adding to the current case of SiannehGayflor.

The offices of District #5 Representative Moses Y. Kollie, along with Senators Steve A. Zargo and George Tengbeh have been informed about the incident.

According to our reporter, the three lawmakers have immediately called on the citizens to remain calm as the Lofa County Legislative Caucus is working on all efforts along with the County Security to bring the perpetrator to book.

Meanwhile, a Guinean national has been suspected of the killing of the girl. An identification card found in the room where the victim was murdered showed one AbouCamara, with electoral number G0007077599, and born January 1, 1979 in Nionsomoridou.

Other information shows that AbouCamara father’s name is Ousmane, mother’s name MamagneKomara of a community called Beyla, District- Quarter Sossaba, Sector (Secteur) Sector 5 and voting place Nzbey 158.

AbouCamara is currently on the run, but according Zorzor Police detachment, all necessary measures have been put in place to arrest the suspect and subsequently face prosecution.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Internal Affairs Special Committee has been appointed to probe the recent death of the recent death of SiannehGayflor.

Those appointed are William V. Howard, Chairman, Zorzor District Chief Imam AlhajiAbuteeah as Co-Chairman, David K. Zaza of the JPC, MamaduNyieh of the Muslim Council member, Mama Garyah of Peace Work Liberia member, Pastor David Zarwu, Lassana M. Fofana, Julius Howard, Henry K. Wolobah, BenduDukuly and ZogboWeedor, all members.

The victim left to mourn three children, a thirteen-year girl, a seven- year old boy and a six-month old baby.