Tipoteh Eyeing Presidency For 4th Time

Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh says that he is standing up to be the next President of Liberia. Dr. Tipoteh made this announcement over the weekend in a Statement on his intention for the 2017 Elections. In his Statement, Dr. Tipoteh brings out the many reasons why he is standing up to be President in the 2017 General and Presidential Elections.

The most important reason why Dr. Tipoteh says that he wants to stand up to be the next President is that the living standards of the people of Liberia was almost the worst in the world, especially in Africa, before the ebola attack, and it has become worse. This worse situation was openly admitted, according to Dr. Tipoteh, by President Sirleaf when she declared in her 2015 Annual Message that corruption is huge, widespread and uncontrollable to the point that it has become a vampire. Dr. Tipoteh says that the government has failed and it is not capable of changing the situation or the better because some of the vampires have become presidential candidates, misusing taxpayers money to campaign by spreading the money around and receiving honors from the false representatives of the poor people who do not know that it is their own money being misused for political campaigning. Dr. Tipoteh points out that these vampires live and benefit from the sweat, tears and blood of the Liberian people and therefore they are not interested in ending the people’s suffering. Dr. Tipoteh warns that the vampires are using a lot of sweet talk about ending the suffering of the poor people but they do not mean it because they, the vampires, are growing richer and richer from sucking the lifeblood of people and placing Liberia more under the control of foreigners. This, he said, is the main explanation for knowing that Liberia is a country with almost the poorest people in the world, while the vampires ride in vehicles worth over USD100,000 and have wealth amounting to hundreds of millions of United States dollars, the cash part of which is mainly in foreign bank accounts.

Dr. Tipoteh says that the worsening conditions of Liberia’s children are one of the main reasons why he is standing up to be the next President of Liberia. With no better future for our children, Dr. Tipoteh tells us that there is no future for Liberia.. He calls our attention to the condition of the children of Liberia: One out of every five children dies before reaching one year of age; over half a million children of school age are not in school; for the one and a half million children who are in school, nearly all of them do not have qualified teachers to them; then, worse of all, the educational system is in a MESS because the children learn mainly what in based on foreign culture rather than what comes from Liberian culture.

Dr.Tipoteh yells out that it is shameful to see the persons who are supposed to be representatives of the workers of Liberia treat the workers as second-class citizens by failing to make the Law to give the workers a decent living standard. Then, according to Dr. Tipoteh, there are foreigners doing jobs and owning businesses that Liberians, especially young people, should and can do and own, in the midst of massive unemployment, including university graduates who remain unemployed after three years of frustrating search for employment.

Even more frustrating, Dr. Tipoteh observed, is the situation where women who can work as well or even better than men are not favored for employment and the same pay for the same work as men when they, the women, become employed.

In closing his declaration of candidacy for the presidency, Dr. Tipoteh praises the Health Care Workers for the sacrifices they make to save the lives of other people and he pleads with all Liberians to take good care of the ebola survivors and the children of he people who died from ebola. Dr. Tipoteh expressed thanks to all friends of Liberia who continue to come to the aid of Liberia in the struggle to stop ebola.

Last, but certainly not the least, is Dr. Tipoteh’s concern about the role of the National Elections Commission. He insists that it is impossible to have free and fair elections, to remove from a vampire state to a democratic state, with the present way that the Commissioners are chosen. According to Dr. Tipoteh, the National Elections Commission(NEC) engages in fraud, such as having a Commissioner who is a foreigner, having foreigners as candidates for elections in Liberia, having foreigners with voter registration cards for Liberia and deliberately placing the wrong names of candidates on ballot papers. Dr. Tipoteh is suggesting that the President of Liberia should appoint Commissioners of NEC from a short list submitted to the President by Civil Society.

Dr. Tipoteh has contested the Liberian Presidency for three times without being successful.

This latest pronouncement by the veteran Liberian politician to contest the 2017 presidency will be his fourth times in the presidential race of Liberia.