New Liberian Movie Out…Producer Calls For Unity Amongst Actors

A new Liberian movie entitled ‘My Child’ which is now on the Liberian market, highlights the tragedy, frustration and traumatization of a single father, Paul Johnson whose child later died following frantic efforts to maintain the little girl after her mother had left to begin another life. My Child, a tough-provoking movie is produced and directed by Nicolas Po, a young and emerging Liberian movie star.

In an exclusive interview recently, Nicolas revealed how Liberian movie stars can unite to make Lollywood one of the leading movie industries in Africa and the world at large. “We are making progress as young stars in the movie industry but what is important is for us (actors/actresses) to work together,” Mr. Po told this paper.

Nicolas narrated the level of hatred creeping amongst actors and actresses in Liberia and called on his colleagues to rise above personal interest and put their country on the map of movie production.

“It’s good to work together to continue in selling our beautiful faces. This will improve the Liberian movie industry,” said Mr. Po as he introduced one of Liberia’s hottest actresses, Miss. Isata Saah.“Isata is gorgeous, she is very good in acting and believed to be one of Africa’s best actresses,” said Nicolas.The Liberian star said instead of bringing movie stars from other countries, Liberians and businesses operating in the country including LonerStar and Cellcom must begin to sell Liberian faces by promoting them.

He disclosed that Isata Saah who has acted in several Liberian movies plays an important role in My Child. Isata works at AMEGO Film Production.