Liberians Cautiously Optimistic About Ebola Progress…Pres. Sirleaf Asserts

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has re-emphasized that though there has been no new cases of Ebola in recent days, Liberians remain cautiously optimistic about progress in the fight against the disease.

She told the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States and European Union (EU) Joint Parliamentary   Assembly on March 4 in Brussels that Liberia is ‘not out of the woods yet’ but has made tremendous progress since the outbreak of the Ebola disease.

The Liberian leader said through a concerted regional approach that will handle clear surveillance programs, border monitoring, rapid response, upgrade of health facilities and systems, shared health data and other information, the situation in the most-affected countries will be addressed.

According to a dispatch from Brussels, she indicated that these programs will assist greatly in dealing with other disease outbreaks in the region and thus restore the economies and other commercial activities of people in the three most affected countries.