Invest In Real Estate Management…CEO Urges Gov’t

Invest In Real Estate Management…CEO Urges Gov’t

A Liberian businessman is urging the government of Liberia to invest in real estates management, a venture he said, will bring about speedy development and improved the living standard of the citizenry, provide decent housing facilities and contribute immensely towards the economic growth of the state.

Mr. Presley S. Tenwah, who is the chief executive officer/CEO of the Arena Inc. and a well known Liberian businessman, also recommended that the national government should do all it can to empower Liberian owned real estates companies financially, which according to him, will not only bring about a speedy development but will also bring about relief to Liberian businesses, and will enable Liberian businesses to contribute towards the nation’s economic growth and national development.

With regard to the Liberalization policy, CEO Tenwah, is also urging the government of Liberia to ensure that the policy gets into full implementation as a means of empowering Liberian businesses to compete with other foreign businesses and to take ownership of the Liberian economy.

Mr. Tenwah made the remarks recently when a local civic society organization awarded his company a Certificate of Recognition for his meaningful, outstanding and excellent role played since its establishment in a shortest period towards the rebuilding process and economic growth of the states.

The Arena Inc. is a Liberian owned company involved in real estate management, construction, architecture design, sales of properties, renting and leasing of furnished and unfurnished houses or apartment(s).