US Reaffirms Commitment To Liberia’s Recovery Program…Peace Corps To Return Soon

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

With the significant gains being made against the deadly Ebola virus disease, the United States Government has reaffirmed its commitment to the country’s post-Ebola recovery program.

The Government of the United States says it will stand by Liberia, a tiny West African country that was recently devastated by the outbreak of the vicious Ebola disease. Ebola killed over 4,000 persons in Liberia with thousands of children made orphans as a result of the virus.

Addressing a brief news conference yesterday in Monrovia, U.S. Ambassador to Liberia, Debora Malac, reaffirmed her country’s commitment to the nation’s recovery program saying that the United States will continue to stand by Liberia to address some of the challenges facing the country.

Amb.Malac said at the recent meeting in Washington DC with President Barrack Obama, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf outlined key priorities of post-Ebola Liberia to US officials and entities to assist in those areas.

The US envoy named some of the areas of priority as the restoration of the healthcare sector, improved and quality educational sector, energy, agriculture, economic growth, road, among others. She said the U.S. Government will assist with some of the key priorities.

She added that funding is available for supporting some of the key priorities including healthcare, education, training of teachers as a means of building their capacity pledging the US commitment in assisting Liberia in totally eradicating Ebola from Liberia.

Madam Malac disclosed that discussions are ongoing on how the U.S. can reinvigorate in supporting some of the projects her government is involved in prior to the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus. “We are committed to some of your government’s key priorities,” Amb. Malac said.

Meanwhile, Amb. Malac has disclosed that the Peace Corps volunteers are returning to the country to continue some of the projects that were underway prior to the outbreak of Ebola. She said the Peace Corps will be involved in girls’ education and other key areas.

Amb. Malac, among other things disclosed that a small number of Peace Corps will return between May to June, 2015. She said following discussion with Congress and with that body’s approval, the complete number of Peace Corps volunteer will return to Liberia to support the country’s recovery program.