Pres. Sirleaf Calls For WASH Facilities In Schools

Pres. Sirleaf Calls For WASH Facilities In Schools

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has emphasized the need to have a fully functional and comprehensive water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs in Liberian schools.

She said efforts must be exerted to ensure that Liberian schools experience 100 percent WASH programs within the next two years, reversing the lack of proper water, sanitation and hygiene that have plagued the society despite tremendous efforts to improve these conditions.

According to a dispatch from Brussels, the Liberian leader made the statement on Tuesday, March 3, at a forum organized by the Liberian Government and OXFAM for donors and partners to generate support towards improving the health and WASH programs in Liberian schools.

President Sirleaf said the Ebola outbreak made it imperative for an assessment of the country’s delivery systems in all sectors, stressing the need to improve and modernize the healthcare delivery system to withstand future disease outbreaks.

She called on donors and partners to join forces to support the government’s efforts to upgrade Liberian schools with water, sanitation and hygiene facilities as thousands of children return to school for the first time in six months.

In remarks at the program, OXFAM Chief Executive Officer, Mark Goldring, said the WASH program is significant in dealing with diseases and how they can be spread. He said Ebola is not over and all must continue to ensure that the disease be eliminated.

He stressed that the appeal for water, sanitation and hygiene in all schools will boost Liberia’s educational performance and will be a lasting post-Ebola legacy to its children.