Maintaining Our Present Ebola Status

Yesterday,the last Ebola patient in Liberia was released while Montserrado, one of the hard-hit counties has gone 13 days without any new case of the virus. The last Ebola patient was released from the Chinese Ebola Treatment Center in Congo Town yesterday.

The patient was released yesterday after going a week without any new cases of the virus. The last Ebola patient, Beatrice Yardolo, 58, left the Chinese-run treatment center yesterday following two weeks of treatment.

On Wednesday, the head of the Ebola Management Team, Tolbert Nyenswah, told the Ministry of Information regular press briefing that Monrovia that had few cases in recent months has gone 12 days without any new case of Ebola.

We are indeed elated that the last Ebola patient has left the ETU. We are also happy because of the inhumane treatments Liberians went through and the number of lives taken away by the vicious pestilence in just six to seven months.

As we all know, the virus devastated every fabric of the Liberian society, leaving children without parents, mothers without children, fathers without wives and so on. It created enmity amongst Liberians. But now we can now smile for the resilience and the uncompromising role played by our Government and the Liberian people themselves in combating the virus.

While we are pleased and appreciate the role of all Liberians against Ebola something that led to the release of the last patient, let us not forget that there could easily be fresh outbreaks in our country if we stop taking the necessary preventive health measures. We have to get down to zero case before we can consider the virus beaten and vanquished. And to reach this point, we must collectively work to avoid any resurgent of the virus.

Liberia will not be declared Ebola-free until our neighbors including Guinea and Sierra Leone are also free of the virus. Liberia will still be at risk when there are still cases of the virus in the two neighboring countries.

That is why we must avoid the act of complacency without number one enemy in the fight against the virus. Let us continue the fight by following all of the preventive health measures as prescribed by the health authorities if we are to reach the zero line on Ebola.

Though the last Ebola patient has been released with Monrovia going 13 days without the virus, the country will not be Ebola-free until we play our role of prevention. That is why we need to continue the fight to the end when Ebola shall have been completely eradicated from our soil.

Again, let us intensify our efforts against this demonic, remorseless, vicious and uncompromising virus and avoid complacency which could cause another outbreak. We are winning the battle against Ebola and therefore, let us continue the fight. As we release the last Ebola patient, we do not want you out of complacency, to be the first to contract Ebola again after the discharge of the last patient. Let us maintain our present status on Ebola by following all the measures to save ourselves, our families, communities, counties and our country.