Catholic School Teachers On Go-Slow?

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr
The Association of Catholic School Teachers and Support Staff (ACTS) yesterday started a “Go-Slow” action in demand of five months’ salary arrears.
However, some other members of the association told this paper yesterday that they are not part of the protest action. “We are not part of that,” one of them said as the paper visited some campuses that conducted normal activities.
The association, following a meeting last month resolved to stage a Go-Slow action beginning yesterday owing to the failure of the Catholic Educational secretariat to settle arrears owed them.
It stated: “This decision by ACTS is predicated upon CES outreach refusal to pay the five-month salary arrears owed the teachers in spite of all peaceful approaches and intervention by some well-meaning Liberians”.
The association is calling on all teachers under the banner of ACTS to report to their respective schools only to sign in their signing book and refrain from entering any class room for the purpose of teaching.
It said during the “Go-Slow” period, teachers are advised not to take instruction from any school administration or CEO’s administrators and that any information relative to returning to academic normally will be given only by the leadership of ACTS.
When contacted ACTS President,AlphansoNimely Quire, said the “Go-Slow” action will continue as long as their demand is not addressed.
Mr. Quire added that the ACTS teachers and support staff are about 9080 who have been owed five months’ salary. “We will not relent in our Go-Slow action which began yesterday until everything is met,” he intimated.
He concluded by urging all ACTS members to remain calm in their Go-Slow action till they can achieve their desired goal.