Catholic Priest Wants Lawmakers To Account For Oil Money

By Antoinette Sendolo

The Director of the Catholic Media Center (CAMCAM), Father Ambrose Dayouga Kroma, has urged the National Legislature to provide what he termed as detailed account for funds allocated for the much publicized nation-wild consultation on the possibility of oil exploration within the country.

“I say with all due respect to our honorable lawmakers: please, in the name of the masses you represent, let the legislature submit to an independent audit. Please in the name of the masses that elected you, I say to you with a sense of urgency, provide a detailed account for funds received for the nation-wild oil consultation,” Father Ambrose Kroma admonished.

Speaking at a training workshop in Monrovia, Father Kroma noted that failure on the part of the legislature to yield to the cry of those he referred to as the deprived masses will lead to the intensity of the already greater lack of trust, lack of faith and lack of belief in their ability to better the lives of the people who elected them.

“Liberians are hurt; Liberians are losing faith; Yes, Liberians have become highly distrustful in the legislature based on their failure to do what is right,” Father Ambrose Dayouga Kroma stressed.

He added that in order for these issues to be addressed, the media has a very significant role to play cautioning his staffs that if the Catholic run Station Radio VERITAS is to remain truly the voice of the voiceless amidst the pluralized media landscape in Liberia where some media institutions have compromised the truth in favor of political expediency, the Radio VERITAS must begin as it were to seek higher accountable standards which would lead to greater productivity, transparent and accountable management as envisioned in the goals of its establishment.

The issue of the legislature accounting for the much publicized nation-wild oil consultation has been wildly argued across the country ranging from political groups to civil society organizations, as well as other individuals.

Several calls have been made by civil society organizations and other prominent Liberian citizens and now the Rev. Father Ambrose Kroma has added his voice to the many voices urging the national legislature to provide a detailed account for the said funds.

The chairman of the nation-wild oil consultation committee, Hans Barchue, has confirmed that he received nine hundred thousand and not 1.2million as had been reported by the National Oil Company.

The Director of the Catholic Media Center (CAMCAM) made the call yesterday at a one-day staff capacity building workshop held at Radio VERITAS office in Monrovia.

The training workshop which featured as themes: The triple concept of Team management, transparency and accountability was intended to build the capacity of staffs at the Catholic run Media Institution, Radio VERITAS.