A Need To Dialogue!

YESTERDAY, SCORES OF individuals under the banner of the Paynesville Business Association Incorporated (PABA) took the airwaves and later sat at the entrance of the Capitol Building in protest as they accused the Paynesville City Corporation of arbitrarily hiking taxes in the municipality.

MEMBERS OF THE Association carried placards demanding that the taxes collected from them by the management of the PCC were unrealistic and in a petition addressed to Senator George Weah, the group was craving for speedy intervention even though it had threatened to shut down the businesses in the Red Light if the fees are not reduced at a flat rate standard.

THE PETITIONERS CLAIMING to be representatives of the business association located in Red Light specifically the Bob Taylor Community complained how the management of Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) has ignored the fact that inspite of the gross economic hardship in the country; the Corporation is not the only government agency that they are paying taxes to.

THE GROUP SAID they are paying huge garbage fees yet the PCC has empowered what is termed Community Bases Enterprises (CBE) to collect between LD 100 to LD 200 from them weekly as fees for the collection of dirt from the market.

AT THE SAME time, the Communication boss at the PCC, JaniJallah clarified that taxes that were paid in 2013 still remain the same to present because the PCC has a standard tax rate and that their Corporation is in no error in terms of the measures put in place in its tax collection or fees because it is a known secret that all businesses have different taxes therefore if a person chooses to remain consistent in the kind of business he or she is doing; taxes would remain the same.

WE WELCOME THE move by PABA to seek the intervention of other stakeholders including the Legislature instead of putting up a threat because dialogue is the best way to solve problems that are tantamount to creating perpetual crises.

WE WOULD WANT to understand that a majority of those businesses are retailers who sell in Liberian dollars and also buy and sell locally therefore in order for the society to operate freely there is a need that the PCC and the Business Association make amends and harmonize whatever arrangement so that the city will benefit as well as the business amidst the stringent economic situation.

OUR PLEA IS that since PABA has said it can afford LD 225 as yearly taxes and the Corporation has its standard rate for taxes according to the kind of business; it is only a hard time that the two parties would begin to haul and pull on the matter because if the city is to be developed, it needs the taxes of the businesses too; which constitutes a larger portion of the revenue to be generated in that part of the county.

AGAIN, WE ENCOURAGE the PCC to call for dialogue and at the same time urge the Association to cancel its threat of shutting down its entities because it would only paint a negative picture for the country in general.