Tipoteh Reacts To Obama-Ellen’s Meeting

Tipoteh Reacts To Obama-Ellen's Meeting

Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh declared that what Liberians think about their government matters most. He made this declaration in a Statement issued over the weekend as he responded to impressions about the meeting of last week between President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and President Barack Obama.

Dr. Tipoteh insisted that on any matter concerning Liberia, it is the position of Liberians that matter the most because they are the ones who are most affected by whatever outcome takes place.

Dr. Tipoteh said that for some Liberians, especially those who are managing the Liberian State, to keep looking up to foreigners, foreign governments and foreign institutions for approval of what is best for Liberia is like the same thing that existed in the colonial days when the colonialists were looked up to for the approval of every action taken in any African colony.

Dr. Tipoteh went on to say that the flow of mass poverty through this colonial mentality remains no secret. Whenever foreigners are looked up to for final approval, they always approve of actions that benefit them at the expense of Liberia. This is why, according to Dr. Tipoteh, the Liberian people continue to get poorer while the rich become richer from Liberia’s natural resources.

Dr. Tipoteh said that it should not be surprising to the Liberian people that President Obama would utter words of praise to President Sirleaf for her efforts in reducing corruption and poverty when in fact President Sirleaf was honest enough, over one month ago, to have said that corruption has spread so much and rapidly to have become a vampire in Liberia, making it impossible for development, the improvement in the living standards of the Liberian people to increase out of mass poverty.

Dr. Tipoteh maintained that unpatriotism, flattery, and greed have got us into the mess that we in today.

Dr, Tipoteh mentioned that although the Liberian people appreciate what foreigners are doing to try to help them, they realize that the foreigners put their own interests first and so it is most important for the people of Liberia to receive foreign help in a way that protects the interest of the Liberian people, thereby putting Liberia first.