Doctor Cites Dangerous Chemicals…For Family Suffocation Near ELWA Hospital

By Edwin G. Wandah

The Sunrise Clinic in ELWA has discharged the family which was rescued from a windowless house on Thursday of last week by some concerned neighbors.   Joyce, Erica, Eric, and Patience Bartuah, along with Sebastian were immediately rescued from their rented home after they were noticed of being locked up in the windowless house for longer hours.

When the Inquirer visited the Sunrise Clinic in ELWA early Friday morning, the family was seen at least quiet and awaiting doctor’s round to check their condition.

Meanwhile, Doctor Rufus Toll of the Sunrise Clinic told the Inquirer that the five persons suffered from suffocation due to the heat produced from an unattended ‘coal pot’ in their room while they were asleep. Doctor Toll further stated that the charcoal used had some dangerous chemicals that could have been the cause of the family’s unconsciousness.

On Thursday of last week, a family of five was rescued by some concerned community residents who burst into their home and got them out.

The family is now seeking refuge at the United Liberia Inland Church in ELWA after being discharged from the hospital. Although, they are currently at the Churches premises, but it is not yet clear whether they will return to the home, or be relocated to another place or be resettled to another venue.