Wanted For Murder

The Deputy Spokesman of the Liberia National Police (LNP) has   disclosed that the police have intensified its search for the man who beat up his friend resulting to his untimely demise in the Christopolis Community in Brewerville City, outside Monrovia. Mr. Lewis Norman said the police are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that UfiniUjang is arrested and subsequently brought to justice.

In an interview with the reporters early this week, Mr. Norman asked the public to also help the police with information regarding the whereabouts of Ufini who escaped the Christopolis Community after carrying out the heartless act against one Musa Kamara.

Ufini is wanted for murder, he added.

It can be recalled that Musa died in the Christopolis Community on Saturday, February 14 after he was severely beaten up by his mugger-Ufin.

Musa, according to eyewitnesses, was beaten up by Ufini after his (Ufini) girlfriend complained to him that Musa allegedly insulted her.

Ufini, the alleged killer, resided in another community along with his parents, but he was renting an apartment in the Christopolis Community for his fiancée whose name has not been established by this paper.

Speaking to our reporter a day after the tear-jerking incident occurred, one of the eyewitnesses identified as Tony Service explained that the alleged killer heartlessly beat up the deceased with a round-pole stick, leaving him helpless.

“We thought it was just a minor injury he caused on the man so we decided to bath him with hot water. After we bathed him, we took him to a community clinic the next morning. But when we took him to the community clinic, doctors there refused him on grounds that they were unable to treat him. We immediately rushed him at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFK) where he was announced dead on arrival (DOA). He really beat the boy to admit,” eyewitness Tony lamented.

He recalled that this is not the first time Ufini had beaten up the late Musa based on complaints he received from his fiancée about alleged insults reigned on her by the deceased.

The death of Musa was attributed to excessive internal bleeding as a result of the merciless beating he received from Ufini who and his girlfriend escaped from the Christopolis community after they learnt that Musa had died.

“Ufini always beat on Musa whenever his girlfriend complained to him. This is not his first time. You see how this place is packed, the man was well-known in this place. He is the one who used to service our machines in this whole Christopolis community,” he furthered.

“We want the government to intervene and ensure that justice is done. Ufini cannot just kill his friend and go free he must face justice,” he among other things added.

For his part, one Otis Dweh, who is the stranger father of the deceased, said the deceased was an Ivorian national and a traveler who came to Liberia to make a living.

He said the deceased father resides in the United States of America.

Otis, like Tony, averred that Ufini had been in the constant habit of threatening his friend over complaints his (Ufini) fiancée lodged to him.

Prior to his death, Otis stated that the alleged perpetrator broke the hand of the deceased.

Meanwhile, several residents of the Christopolis community, who trooped the area where the incident occurred, expressed sorrow over the death of the late technician.

“Musa was always ready to repair our generators or motorbikes whenever he was called upon. He was really serviceable and a down to earth person. We will miss him a lot. We want the government to bring the doer to justice so as to serve as deterrence to anyone who may want to engage into such a wicked and inhumane act,” remarked one of the angry residents.

Meanwhile, the remains of the late Musa was laid to rest after a team of police officers from the Homicide Division of the Liberia National Police (LNP) visited the crime scene and conducted investigation into the incident. The outcome of the police investigation has not been made public. Reports: Abraham S. Sollie