Jallah Grayfield Concedes

The Vice president of the Press Union of Liberia JallahGrayfield has released a Press statement in Monrovia accepting the suspension served him recently.

Mr. Grayfield was suspended   by the Grievance and Ethics committee of the Union recently,   an action he described then as illegal and a flagrant violation of Article (15a) of the Union’s constitution.

The PUL Vice President in his earlier resistance to his suspension said, the committee proceeded far beyond the mandate given it, noting that it acted wrongly by amassing power unto itself to violate the organic law of the   PUL due to pressure from internal and external forces.

But in his newest Press statement issued in Monrovia Friday , Mr. Grayfield said he was bowing to the suspension in the supreme interest of the Press Union which is bigger than any individual journalists, nothing that his decision to submit should not be seen as a sign of weakness.

Mr. Grayfield who had earlier maintained that the Grievance and Ethics committee of the Union violated the constitution of the union by suspending him said, he was succumbing to the suspension based on the intervention of media stakeholders in the country and in a true sense of upholding the high merit of the Press Union.

In a press statement last week, JallahGrayfield questioned the authority of the Grievance and Ethics Committee of the Union in serving him a suspension which he said violates Article (15a) of the PUL constitution.

He lauded PUL president emeritus Peter Quaqua and other Media Stakeholders including Phillip Wesseh, Aaron Kollie and the President of the Publishers Association Stanley Seakor for their intervention to break the impasse.