Fight Over Fifty Liberian Dollars Leads To Death, Destruction In Bassa Village

By Lawreence T. Hoff

One person was recently killed with several houses burnt down in Soko Village in District # One Grand Bassa County, when the village came under attack by some members of a nearby village during misunderstanding over 50 Liberian dollars.

According to information the fight ensued between Victor Garway, the deceased and one Joshua   Kerkula when he was hit in the month by Victor and became unconscious.

He explained that it was then when one of his friends, identified as Big Boy came to avenge for Joshua, during which time “Big Boy” hit Victor Garway, the deceased, with a wooden object that led to his death.

The report said that it was the result of the fight that led to the burning down of several houses, thus leading to hundreds of people left homeless.

The fight between the two men started when Joshua Kerkulah went to buy ‘garie’ from Victor, the deceased. The deceased is reported to have said that the deceased later said the money given to him by Joshua Kerkulah was not sufficient for the item, and that, 50 Liberian dollars was needed to complete the amount.

The report said that it was while in that rigmarole that Joshua Kerkulah claimed that the deceased insulted his mother, something that infuriated him, resulting into the fight.

According to the Police Boss in Grand Bassa County, Chief Superintendent Fredrick Nappay, nine persons have been taken to the police station in connection with the burning of the town, while Big Boy is on the run.