Group Appeals For Kesselly Boulevard

By Lincoln Barcon

A Pro-democracy group under the banner Network of Conscious Advocates (NET-CAD) is calling on the Government of Liberia and international partners in the country to include the Kesselly Boulevard as a major road project.

According to the group’s chairman, Melvin Doweh, the Kesselly Boulevard should be earmarked as part of the 2015/2016 National Budget.

He further urged the Government of Liberia to lobby with International counterparts to extend provisions of agreements that would be required to connect Kesselly Boulevard with other parts of Monrovia.

Mr. Doweh asserted that when said Boulevard is connected, it would undoubtedly provide pedestrians, commuters as well as investors the opportunity to have facile access to other locations in terms of expanding their business operations.

Mr. Doweh also revealed that continuous traffic congestion in Montserrado County which is due to the lack of accessible roads which tends to impede the mobility of students, civil servants, private sector employees and business people to arrive at their destinations on time.

Concluding, the Chairman assured the Government of Liberia that if the Kesselly Boulevard is connected to other parts of Monrovia; that would indeed ease the traffic congestion motorists are currently faced with. He added that if the Kesselly Boulevard project is earmarked and implemented, it would be ranked as government’s highest priority among its many achievements.

“Due to the poor condition of the roads in Monrovia which has undermined Government’s continuous efforts in transforming the livelihood of Liberians from the dungeon of backwardness and destitution, to a state of transformation, national rebuilding will be solved if the Kesselly Boulevard is constructed,” Mr. Doweh intimated.