5 Escape Death In ELWA Area

By Edwin G. Wandah

Five persons living in a windowless house in the ELWA community were yesterday morning rescued from their home, where they were found unconscious.

When the Inquirer visited the scene of the incident, it was gathered that several residents noticing the absence of members of the house, decided to find out what had really happened that their neighbors had not been seen.

According to the residents, they became suspicious and burst into the home of the family only to find them lying helpless. They said that it was then that they immediately took them out of the house and performed first aid that helped to resuscitate them.

“We woke up early this morning, (Thursday morning), and noticed that the door of the house of the people was locked but when we banged on the door and it opened, we found them, (the victims) lying helpless,” a community dweller stated.

When spoken to, the Chairman of the community, Rev. Daniel Nyon, said this was the first time the incident has occurred in the community, but assured that the community leadership was working along with State Security to ascertain the cause of what really happened.

He further stated that the community leadership was also more concerned about the health of the people. “We are much more concerned about the health of these people; this is the first in the history of Zeon Town to have a household found unconscious,” Rev. Daniel Nyon stated.

Rev. Nyon further said that his office is doing everything along with State Security to ascertain the root cause of the incident.

Meanwhile, ELWA Police Commander, Col. MaclainTarpeh informed this paper that his men have been put on a special investigatory mission to find out the root cause of the incident because the preliminary investigation so far showed that the five persons were allegedly suffocated from heat.

Some of the by-standers explained that one of the victims, Joyce Bartuah who is the mother of two of the victims, Eric and Erica Bartuah, sells cassava-gravy, while her fiancée, Sebatian is a motorcyclist, along with Patience Bartuah who lives with them in the home.

“Joyce usually wakes up very early to prepare her cassava, but went back to bed around 5a.m. and did not wake up until they were found unconscious in their house which has a single door with no widow to provide ventilation,” a neighbor explained.

This paper also found out that the house where the victims lived had ventilation and saw community residents attending to the victims with alcohol and giving them Oral Rehydration Salt-ORS to keep them safe until they can be taken to hospital.

Meanwhile, when a team, from the MSF visited the scene, they informed family members and community dwellers that the condition of the victims was Ebola-related.