UMU Faculty Holds Research Confab

By Jefferson D. Tweh

The Faculty of the United Methodist University yesterday concluded a one-day research conference in Monrovia.

Speaking at the workshop, the President of the Tubman University, Dr. Elizabeth Davis- Russell described research as very essential in any university because it helps students to do better work and learn about other things. Dr. Russell further stated that there is a need for a research environment in many universities to encourage integrity in Liberia.

Also speaking at the conference, the Secretary General of the Association of Liberian Universities, Dr. SaaimNaame, said researchers must be knowledgeable on variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques that may be used for analysis of specific data.

Dr. Naame disclosed that the strength of qualitative research is the ability to provide complex textual descriptions of how people experience a given research, and it provides information about the “human” side of an issue that is often, contradictory, behaviors, beliefs, opinions, emotions and relationships of individuals.

According to Dr. Naame, there is a range of flexibility among methods used in both quantitative and qualitative research and that flexibility reflects the kind of understanding of the problem that is being pursued, and recruitment strategy is a project specific plan for identifying and enrolling people to participate in a research study.

He added that research ethics deals with the interaction between researchers and the people they study while professional ethics deals with additional issues such as collaborative relationships among researchers, monitoring relationships, intellectual property, fabrication of data, and plagiarism.

Dr. Naame stated further that research is designed to serve as the blueprint for researchers and it outlines the methods used to collect and analyze the data and to interpret the finding.

For her part, the Vice President for Academic Affairs at the United Methodist University, Dr. D. Evelyn S. Kandakai, said one of the principal requirements for the completion of the Bachelor’s Degree at the United Methodist University is the senior thesis.

Dr. Kandakai averred that senior thesis covers a number of semesters and allows a student to do critical thinking and analysis using specific competences in his or her selected major and that the thesis also avails student an opportunity to display how he or she has grasped major concepts, theories in the field of his or her chosen course.

According to Dr. Kandakai, in order to complete the thesis, students will actually require thesis advisement during the research methods because thesis advisement is very relevant to successful completion. She added that students must seriously master the rudiments of language because research will be written.