PAW Hosts 87th Convention

By Richard Stephens/Buchanan city

The Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) INC, Rev Dr. Leo M. Simpson, has underscored the need for Christians in the country to contribute to the works of God.

He said Christians in the country were mainly concerned about getting from the Church but not to give noting that this was causing more difficulties for the spread of the gospel in Liberia.

Bishop Simpson spoke on Monday at the official opening of the 87th National Convention of the Liberian West African Council, 35th District, Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) Inc, taking place at the Have Faith in God First Pentecostal Church in the Sugar Cane Farm Community in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County.

The Liberian cleric wants Christians and other church leaders in Liberia to work assiduously for the kingdom of God noting that “God will hold you responsible if you fail to spread his words”.

Bishop Simpson then expressed joy over the recent growth in the numbers of PAW churches in Liberia and encouraged the congregations not to only grow in numbers but also in their financial support to the works of the church.

He also said Liberian Christians are behaving like the Red Sea which takes in but doesn’t give out; saying that he who receives the gospel must pass it unto others.

The 87th National week long convention which brought together more than one hundred delegates from PAW member churches in and around Liberia, according to the Bishop, is meant to motivate the congregations by making them to realize that they are on a specific mission for the Lord.

Earleir, during an Evangelistic service, guest preacher, Pastor John Kollie of the Maranathan Pentecostal Church in Sinkor, disclosed that gossips amongst church members against their pastors and church leaders were undermining the growth and development of the church in Liberia.

Rev. Kollie said Christians have a specific mission to fulfill which mandates them to win more souls to the kingdom of God and not to break down his institutions. Gossips according to him, would lead more souls to hellfire during the day of judgments.

He explained that there were some individuals in the church who are in the habit of gossiping their leaders without justifiable reasons saying that gossipers are destined for destruction.

Rev. Kollie noted that church leaders must be vision bearers and put to use their visions by preaching and teaching the words of God to their congregations so as to help strengthen their spiritual growth.