Residents Deny “Massacre” Claim

Some residents of the Dry Rice Market and Johnsonville communities have clarified that there was no incident of massacres in both communities during the Liberian civil conflict.

The residents further clarified that no act of massacre was committed by a former SSS Officer who later became the head of the Roberts International Airport (RIA) Madam Martina Johnson as has been alleged.

Members of the communities said both communities were considered free zones during the heat of the civil conflict something that contradicts allegation by Global Research and Justice Project.

According to a team of international and local journalists who went on a fact-finding mission in both communities spoke with over 70 elders and youths from the two communities last month and found out that there was no report of massacre occurred in the areas.

The community dwellers when spoken to by international and local journalists said if the former NPFL Commander had committed any massacre in the community, she wouldn’t have been able to erect a structure in the community.

“Currently residents of various communities are benefiting from the humanitarian gesture under aegis of Madam Martine Johnson the former RIA boss,” one of the leaders of the community disclosed.

The residents pointed to the massacres in other communities including Duport Road, Carter Camp, Lutheran Church and Sinje.

According to a report released by Global Research and Justice Project, Martina Johnson, former NPFL rebel Commander, was arrested and indicted last year in Belgium for alleged War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity. The group said it is the first arrest ever for crimes allegedly committed during the first Liberian civil war (1989-1996).

Meanwhile, residents of the Dry Rice Market and Johnsonville communities want all charges against Martina Johnson dropped adding that the allegation by Global Research and Justice Project is intended to solicit international support and attention from the international community.

Residents in that area also stated that the information provided by Global Research and Justice Project is misleading and intended to destroy Madam Johnson.