No More Block In Senate…Pro-Temp Jallah Asserts; Calls For Reconciliation Amongst Senators

Following the Senate Pro-temp’s election coupled with the election of the Senate Statutory committee chairpersons, the newly elected Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate, Gbarpolu County       Senator, ArmahZoluJallah is calling for reconciliation amongst individual senators.

Senate Pro-tempore Jallah made the call on Friday February 20, 2015 at the Luyken Guest House in Congo Town during a dinner organized by the Luyken’s family in his honor. He said all over the world it is glaring fact that the process of election brings disunity amongst people and therefore as the administrative head of the Senate he will lead the process of reconciliation following the pro-tempore and leadership election at the Liberian Senate.

“We all have equal power as Senators under the law,” he said. The Gbarpolu County Senator further said that he does not recognize any block in the senate and as the administrative head of that body; he will serve all Senators not a particular group. “I don’t belong to any block, I am a pro-tempore for all Senators and Liberia,” Jallah said.

The National Patriotic Party (NPP) Senator however admonished all Senators to submit to the reconciliation process in order to carry out the Liberian people’s legislative work, noting “If we don’t reconcile following the elections’ disunity, the work of the senate will be impeded”. He vowed to take the lead in uniting senators and also called on individual Senators to put the country’s interest first and forgo the past.

At the same time, Vice President of Liberia and President of the Senate, Joseph Boakai said he will also be part of the reconciliation process. V.P. Boakai claimed that after every election, there is a need for peace and reconciliation adding “election divides people”. He therefore urged all Senators to forget the past and work together as legislators in serving the country.

V.P. Boakai stressed that the Senate Pro-temp alone can’t run the Senate if individual Senators don’t cooperate with him. He then cautioned all Senators to work along with the newly elected Pro-temp so as to quickly pass bills in the committee room.