Nimba Caucus Chair Resigns…Sen. PYJ Eyes Position

At long last, Nimba County Senator Thomas S. Grupee, Chairman of the Nimba Legislative caucus has resigned as chairman following a repeated demand from the county re-elected Senator, Prince Y. Johnson.

Senator Grupee was elected in 2013 as chairman of the Nimba County Legislative caucus following the resignation of Senator Johnson as chairman and his subsequent expulsion from the caucus as member. Senator Johnson was later considered by members of the caucus to be part of the caucus and be advisor to the caucus but Senator Johnson has not been active with the caucus.

Senator Johnson has recently being demanding for the caucus chair position after his re-election. At his celebration ceremony, Senator Johnson called on Senator Grupee to return his position as Chairman of the caucus.

Senator Grupee made the pronouncement of his resignation on Saturday, February 21, 2015 in Sanniquellie during the county’s council meeting. He said he is leaving the position in order to satisfy the people of Nimba and Senator Johnson. According to him, he will not be happy to chair the caucus amidst tension from the county and Senator Johnson.

He vowed to work with any other person that will be elected as Chairman of the caucus adding that Nimba’s interest is paramount to self-interest.

At the same time, the caucus secretary, Representative WorleaSaywahDunah, has also declared his resignation as secretary to the caucus. The declaration was made in the county’s council sitting. Reason for the resignation of Representative Dunah has not been established.

However, political pundits believe that the Unity Party lawmaker’s resignation as secretary to the caucus is also based on Senator Johnson’s demand for the caucus chair position.