Nigerian Community Complains To LACC

The Nigerian Community in Liberia has complained to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) about what it calls constant harassment of their kinsmen by officers of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

According to the Nigerian community complaint to LACC a copy of which is in the possession of this paper, the DEA officers are in the constant habit of raiding Nigerians in the name of drug-search.

The complaint said Nigerian businessmen are robbed whenever DEA officers enter their premises in the name of search and seizure, and that many times the DEA officers go without warrants.

In the complaint written to the LACC, the Nigerian community explained that one of their members, IkechukwuMbanugo, a resident of Matadi, was attacked by DEA officers at his residence last month at about 4:30 a.m., accusing him of being a drug dealer, a claim which he refuted and told the officers that he was a money exchanger.

The letter of complaint noted further that during the search, the DEA officers made away with L$19,800, US$383, US$180-worth of scratch cards, a Nokia Lumia Phone, a Nokia Touch Phone, a SIM-card with US$38 credit in it, 2 necklaces, a leather bag, a portable DVD and a new short trousers. Mbanugo was also jailed for four days at the West Point Police Depot and was later released without court action or, at least, returning his properties.

These allegations according to the complaint have left many in the public to wonder whether Nigerians are not protected by the Liberian law noting that the perpetrators always go with impunity and return another time to repeat the act.

The letter of complaint also accused DEA officers accused of dropping narcotic substances into people’s pockets and homes of arrested Nigerians, in order to serve as evidence against them.

The Nigerian community is therefore calling on LACC to speed up with investigation in order to bring the perpetrators to book.

When contacted, the DEA boss, Anthony K. Souh, rained insults on Liberian journalist via telephone following a telephone conversation regarding a letter of complaint from the Nigerian community accusing DEA officers of harassment. “Are you stupid? Don’t you know that today is Sunday and it is my resting day”? The DEA boss did not answer questions regarding the allegation against his officers and cut off his phone after his vulgar outburst.