Labor Ministry Denies Several Applications…For Issuance Of Alien Work Permits

The Ministry of Labour has announced the denial of several applications for the issuance of alien work permits from employers seeking employment for non-Liberians for various positions in their institutions.

The Ministry wishes to inform the public and employing entities specifically that it has begun the vigorous enforcement of its renewed commitment to grant preferential treatment to Liberians for certain positions at work places in line with the Labour Practices Laws of Liberia.

It can be recalled that during several consultative meetings held in the last quarter of 2014 with stakeholders in the agricultural, forestry, telecommunications and mining sectors, as well as with the leaderships of the Indian and Lebanese Communities and other major stakeholders in the labour sector of Liberia. Labour Minister Hon. NetoZarzarLighe, Sr. informed employers that beginning January 1, 2015, the Ministry will not be issuing work permits for non-Liberians seeking employment for positions such as Accountants, Human Resource Managers and Administrative Managers.

The Ministry of Labour at the time called on all employers to advertise vacancies for those positions in the local media and on their respective websites to allow qualified Liberians at home and abroad compete for said positions.

In another development, the Ministry has also imposed fines on several institutions for employing non-Liberians without valid work permit and their failure to submit statistical reports to the Ministry in keeping with Regulation No. 17, Section 3(a) and Section 4(b) of the Labour Practices Laws of Liberia.

Those fined for employing non-Liberians without valid work permit and failure to submit their statistical reports include: Arcelor Mittal, China Union, Western Cluster and PIOM. Others are: CRC/MOPP, Nimba Rubber Inc., Morris American Farm, Firestone Liberia, Sime Darby, Lee Groups of Companies, APM Terminal, Fuzion Inc. and LIB_24 Radio and TV, among others.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labour mandates all employing entities to adhere to the Labour Practices Laws of Liberia and cautions them that it will not relent in ensuring compliance.

As part of efforts in ensuring the prioritization of Liberians employment interest at work places, the Ministry further announces that it will continue to adopt and implement measures toward this end.