Japan Gives More To Red Cross

By Edwin G. Wandah

The Liberian Red Cross has benefited from at least US$68,928 Grant from the Japanese Government for the establishment of its Grassroots Human Security Project- GGHSP.

The grant which is aimed at focusing on the eradication of the Ebola epidemic, the EVD, has solicited the supports of several international partners deciding on a channel of their role in the fight against the deadly virus.

Although Japan has been among several international partners to the National Red Cross Society in the fight against the deadly virus, the Ebola; but with this current grant, the National Society will now have the will power to extend its program to a larger scale.

Addressing the audience on the importance of the grant to the Red Cross, KaoraYoshimora, who is Special representative of the Japanese envoy, stressed the need for speedy and rapid efforts in meeting the global mandate of the International Community in the eradication of the deadly Ebola virus to a zero level.

Responding, FayiahTamba, Secretary General of the Liberian National Red Cross Society the LNRCS lauded the Government and people of Japan for their support.

The LNRCS Secretary recounted the mutual and bilateral commitment between people of Liberia and their Japanese counterparts in strengthening a more cordial friendship for the future. He called on other partners to follow suit as the current grant will go a long way in achieving most of the areas needed for assistance.

Earlier, LNRCS Precious Dennis gave the overview of the program of the LNRCS and explained the many strives made by the LNRCS over the years. Buttressing the Red Cross activities in Liberia, Precious stated further that the LNRCS has done a lot in its work in Liberia.

The Liberian National Red Cross has several volunteers in the fifteen political sub-divisions in the country, carrying on several volunteer works in the country, most especially, with the Ebola-related cases.