Bishop Warns Against Dual Citizenship…Says It Will Create Another “Class System”

The Bishop of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church Int’l (APCI) and the First Vice President of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), Rev. Dr. Kortu K. Brown has cautioned Liberians to be careful in endorsing the dual citizenship bill that is to be resubmitted to the National Legislature by President Sirleaf.   It can be recalled that during President Sirleaf’s Annual Message to the Legislature she stated that she would resubmit to them a bill seeking for dual citizenship for Liberians who might have lost their citizenship during the heat days of the civil crisis.

“Honorable Legislators, we will once again ask your consideration of the Act to permit dual citizenship which enables our citizens who are compelled to seek refuge in other countries to become more active participants in the process of nation building,” the President iterated during the deliverance of her annual message.

Bishop Brown said any attempt by Liberians to pass this bill into law could lead us back to the past where the ‘Congo-Country’ Class System was being practised for over a century.

He said the dual citizenship would be a recurrence of a new class system with one group of Liberians having a double citizenship and another group with a single citizenship; something he said could be a dangerous precedence for the future of the country.

“I’m saying this because of the history of our country, the level of love and patriotism for the country by Liberians; if we introduce this law which one of the two countries will we pledge our loyalty to?” he asked.

The Pentecostal prelate made this statement on Sunday when he delivered his Sermon from the Text Mark 3: verses 1 down with the Theme: Seed Time and Harvest Time, warning Liberians that when you sow seed it will one day grow into a tree that you will not be able to control.

“Do you need a citizenship for Trade and Investment; what’s about the Lebanese, Indians, Nigerians, Ghanaians or other foreign nationals that have huge investments in Liberia?” he quizzed.

He further stated that there are lots of locally qualified Liberians who are not being utilized. He therefore called on the Government to seriously look in that direction by empowering the many college graduates in the country.

He concluded by calling on Liberians to stop scheming one another, stating that ‘a nation cannot be built when its citizens are involved in undermining each other.

Varney K. Sirleaf writes