Jallah Grayfield Reacts To Suspension…But Exec. C’ttee Extends Punishment

The Vice president of the Press Union of Liberia JallahGrayfield has reacted to his purported suspension by the Grievance and Ethics committee, describing as illegal and a flagrant violation of the Union’s constitution.

The PUL Vice President said the committee acted far beyond the mandate given it, noting that the Committee acted wrongly by amassing power unto to itself to violate the organic law of the sacred PUL due to pressure from internal and external forces.

Mr. Grayfield said he is shocked, that the Grievance and Ethics committee of the Union did not thoroughly read the constitution, believing that they read it upside down.

The Grievance and Ethics Committee of the Union is mandated according to article 15(a) of the constitution to investigate complaints of misconduct and send findings to the Executive Committee which will act, but this was not the case.

Article 15 (a) of the Union’s constitution says, “All complaints of professional misconduct and unethical practices by any member shall be referred to the Grievance and Ethic committee which shall have the power to investigate and where necessary recommend disciplinary measures to the   Executive Committee.

The PUL Veep said he is very horrified, that the committee chair Frank Sainworla in his letter of suspension to him would state, “By the authority vested in his committee” had the power to suspend him, which strengthens his argument that the constitution was read upside down by the committee members.

“This committee had thrown a wedge in the leadership of the Press union of Liberia, and I will ensure it is reconstitution with immediate effect.” Grayfield intoned.

This action is manipulated by the PUL President whose intent is to divert public attention from intense pressure by some members of the union to remove him just to show to the public that he is working.

Meanwhile, the Executive Committee of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has reaffirmed the position the Grievance and Ethics Committee suspending Vice President Jallah E. Grayfield.

The Executive Committee Friday furthered endorsed the decision and extended the Union’s Vice President’s suspension from the initial two weeks to one month, without benefits.

The Executive Committee, acting in line with Article 15 (b) of the Union’s Constitution, called on the PUL Vice President to comply with the decision and act accordingly in line with recommendations proffered by the Grievance and Ethics Committee’s decision.

The PUL Grievance and Ethics Committee imposed a two-week suspension on Mr. Grayfield, after a probe into his participation in a bogus “PUL Prestigious Award” ceremony of one Ceebee C.D. Barshell on Friday, February 13, 2015.

The PUL deputy leader is also required to write and circulate an open letter of apology in at least 30 local media outlets. The Committee described Mr. Grayfield’s action as “misguided” since in fact the so-called National Publishers and Broadcasters Association headed by journalist Rufus Paul is not recognized by the PUL and it smeared the Union’s brand by purporting that the PUL organized such an award.

Among other things, Mr. Jallah’s suspension begins effective Monday, February 23, 2015. He is to write an open letter of apology to the Union’s membership and have it syndicated in no less than thirty (30) print and broadcast media outlets and not excluding his Facebook page and other social media network.

The content of the letter of apology will have to be approved by the Chair of the Grievance and Ethics Committee before publication, which must be completed by February 27, 2015.

The Grievance and Ethics Committee is continuing the investigation of other members of the PUL who were part of the bogus Award ceremony.