CBL Governor Dubbed “Anti-Poverty Doctor”

The Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) has been dubbed and honored as the “anti-poverty doctor” by the National Apex of Village Savings and Loan Association (NAPEX) at an elaborate appreciation ceremony held in his honor.

Amidst praises in gratitude of his patriotic move to extend loan services and economic inclusion throughout the country which has led to many businesswomen and men to be economically empowered, the NAPEX leadership comprising mostly of rural women representing the fifteen counties of Liberia lavished gratitude upon Dr. Jones and the staff of the CBL for their diligent and nationalistic drive to empower people throughout the various counties.

Speaker after speakers at the honoring ceremony held at the Monrovia City Hall last Saturday, the multitude of NAPEX members vowed to support the CBL governor in whatever endeavor he intends to undertake, describing him as the “Champion of Women Economic Empowerment.”

The women most of whom are entrepreneurs said due to the support given by Governor Jones through the CBL micro-finance initiative, they are significant partners in their respective homes assisting with their children’s school fees and playing other major roles that they could not play in the past.

“I never really knew what a bank can do for people but through the help of Dr. Jones and the CBL Micro-finance Unit, today I can boast that I am saving and doing my business with ease,” one rural woman intimated.

The women described Governor Mills Jones as true father and husband to Liberian women for his magnanimous assistance through the loan scheme and appealed to his good offices not to give up on the process.

“Governor Jones, you are doing well, so do not let anyone take you off track but continue your good work as we promise to be with you all the way,” an official of the NAPEX said at the ceremony.

The NAPEX members noted that there has been Bank Governors and governments from time in memorial but that they never felt a part of the ‘national cake’ not until to the coming of Dr. Jones at the CBL.

They appealed for the extension of the micro-finance loans to other people who did not benefit in the past, adding, “Governor Jones as you may know, the Ebola spoilt most businesses thus we are appealing for the extension of this effort.”

Responding to the honor bestowed upon him, Dr. Jones vowed to continue working for the economic emancipation of all Liberians as this is the only way that Liberia can become true owners of their economy.

Dr. Jones whose administration at the Central Bank is ensuring the economic decentralization of the country told the thousands of NAPEX at the ceremony that they are taking part in a quiet revolution that will ensure that Liberians especially women are economically empowered to contribute meaningfully to national development.

“We will continue to work with the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) and we do not have to wait for donor-driven funds before we start the economic empowerment of our people,” Dr. Jones said.

Dr. Jones added, “We must take concrete steps by uplifting the lives of the people and put the economy in their hands as means of encouraging economic recovery and growth.”

Earlier during the day, Dr. Jones and other dignitaries including Bong County Senator, Jewel Howard-Taylor, participated in the official opening of the offices of NAPEX in Sinkor.

At Saturday’s program several groupings were also honored, prominent among which were Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor, the micro-finance section of the CBL, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).