A Response To My Purported Suspension…..

While I watch with disturbing amazement , this high speed , ill- will and error motivated pseudo event, intended to have investigated an event that remains mis-represented and my role falsely exaggerated in the public domain, I am reminded by the criticism of communication theorist George Gebner “that we live in world erected by the stories we tell”.

The Frank Sianworla ‘s led Ethics Committee’s communication to me (February 19), that has unfortunately become the new PUL focus, miserably failed, or really made no attempt to help the public understanding about what must have occurred at this event in the first place? which ought to have been the real headache of any one worth the intention of any such committee. The five W’s and one H, remains unfortunately a matter of doubt. What Really Happen? who Did it? How did it Happen? Where did it happened? when did it Happen?.

The realities of the 1947 Hutchison report, which delivered what is now know as the Social Responsibility Theory in journalism, is still very much alive, that the media must not seek the facts, but we must endeavor to unravel the truth about the facts.

Frank Sainworla, an operative, of the small band of self seekers- who will resent and machinate against anyone thinking differently and resenting those who have not been anointed to have a space into that enclosed and controlled group; a valid fear that was at the core of the 2014 Press union of Liberia elections.

While the committee has not spoken to the organizers of this event and- they (the Committee on Ethics) strangely became a conduit through which an already fore-ordained anti- JallahGrayfiled agenda was purportedly channeled. while we hopefully await the conclusion of this ‘ show trial’, that has already delivered its out- come, for the benefit of the public and the membership, we must dismiss some erroneously acquired power and authorities that the Sainworla’s committee claimed to have exercised .

The Constitution of the Press Union of Liberia, and it is my hope that Mr. Sainworla and I, are reading from the same document, the Committee can not in any way shape or form act exclusively, void of the Executive Committee.

The Committee reference of Article 15 (a) as a source of its so-called actions , further exposes this poorly managed soap opera.. Article 15 ( a) of the PUL constitution is below ” The duties of the Grievance and Ethics Committee shall be to enforce the code of ethics of the Union, which shall be approved by the membership at a regular meeting to govern the professional conduct of members.”

Some one with the magic of interpreting text must help us do what Stuart Hall refers to as decoding or coding. but until then, Mr. Sainworla   or those pulling the strings, must help us understand from whence in this world, do they derive the authority, and check point style courage to imaginarily act or attempt to executive the action they really executed in the Republic of Dream Land.

When Stanton Peabody- of sainted memories- and others converged, under compelling historically circumstances more than fifty years ago in 1964, to lay the cornerstone of our beloved and distinguished bastion of hope against tyranny and arbitrary actions, they were motivated   against injustices of The Legislature then, the arbitrary actions of the legislature then was wrong, the arbitrary actions of Frank Sainworla and his small colony of media elites- no matter their pretentious   press freedom show, are absolutely and is simply trapped in an illegal and arbitrary actions, hence, in keeping with our Laws, their actions are null and void. Martin Luther king is still correct, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere .

Your claims that the group in question is not a recognized auxiliary, makes me really wonder if our dear Frank Sinworla is burning out the wind of his sail, at least as far as the Press Union of Liberia and its realities are concern. despite the auxiliaries listed under Article 4 (D) of the constitution, there are other media groups, like the editors forum, Freelancers Association, that associate and represent media interests and brings together members of the press Union and as citizens of Liberia, they too enjoy their rights to free assembly. how can you investigate a group of members, you have already pre-judiciously labeled as illegitimate?

Today’s face saving effort and an attempt by PUL President, Kamama A. Kamara on State radio, ELBC to provide solace for the flagrant violation of the PUL Constitution by his micromanaged Committee- further demonstrates the danger of comprise leaders with narrow public endorsement.

Mr. Kamara claims that the executive committee has endorsed this elementary legal blunder unveils his long awaited efforts to hold me liable for the ongoing attempts by some members to seek the 2/3 majority require to consummate his impeachment- something he has repeatedly accused me if associating with.

More importantly, on the road to 2017, the reemergence of Kamara’s former employer and political God- father, during the 2005 Elections, is accelerating the need for greater control at the leadership of the PUL especially without JallahGrayfield , who he continuously projects as unpredictable as far as his skewed political agenda is concern.

What I Know About The Honoring:

On Friday at 12 noon , I was phoned by Mr. Rufus Paul to attend an honoring program of a well placed educator in the Paynesville community to present a certificate.

Due to My busy schedule, I promised to stop by briefly to do the presentation and depart , which I did and spent at least 8 minutes at the program.

I was a founding Member of the Publisher and Broadcast Association, after my election to the PUL a year ago, I slowed my activities with the group due to my engagement at the union, but I thought to honor the invitation because of the persistent calls by the group’s chairman Paul which he believe would have added value to the ceremony.

Shockingly on Sunday, I started receiving calls from media colleagues and read on the social media that I was part of an honoring program where several thousand united States Dollars was given.

Let me state here clear, that I was not part of the planning process of that program, and cannot state here if money was given, that clarity can only be made by Mr. Rufus Paul.

This has caused and continue to cause me serious embarrassment, most disturbing is the fact that some of our media colleagues who are discussing and placing this on the social media will not call me to provide a balance to their stories.