Allison Family Craves For Woods Assistance

The family of the late Atty. Michael Allison has approached Human Rights Lawyer, Samuel Kofi Woods to render them legal assistance as they seek expeditious justice relative to the mysterious death of their son. According to a family source the family met with the Human Rights lawyer last Monday to provide legal sentinel as they strive to ensure the justice and proper understanding of circumstance leading to the demise of their son on Thursday, February 12, 2015.

The family through their secretary, Mr. Daniel H. Allison, yesterday confirmed that they met with Atty. Samuel Kofi Woods seeking his legal assistance as they crave to get to the bottom of circumstances leading and the cause of the death of their son, nephew, brother, father, uncle and cousin, Michael Allison.

Mr. Allison said the family is taking this matter seriously because they have decided to seek the help of an astute lawyer like Kofi Woods whose expertise they believe could lead them to getting justice.

When Atty. Samuel Kofi Woods was contacted yesterday afternoon he confirmed that the Allison Family had requested that he represent their legal interest by providing those pieces of advice that will lead to a clue as to what and who killed their relative.

Yesterday, the family in arelease said they are deeply hurt and shocked by the death of Atty. Michael Allison and further calls on the government, local and international institutions including civil society organizations to get involved for a prompt and speedy investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The release said Michael was the son of Gray D. Allison, former Defense Minister of Liberia in the Samuel Kanyon Doe’s regime. He was born in Liberia and taken to Sierra Leone by his mother; he got his secondary education in Sierra Leone and went to London where he earned his college education and legal studies.

“Michael returned to his fatherland on the call of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf when she called on Liberian professionals in the Diaspora to come home and contribute to the rebuilding of their land. With a degree in Petroleum law, he was hired by the Liberian legislature and became a Consultant to the new petroleum law that was being drafted by the people of Liberia under the guide of the Lower House of legislature,” the release noted.

The Alison family said, raised under and dedicated to the strict disciplines of the Allison family, Michael exhibited the true values of the family when he refused to take money that he did not earn and further raised alarm that blew out in the public and still being discussed to date.

“The death of our son remains a mystery to everyone; we vow not to rest till the true cause to his death is found,” the release concluded.

Since the incident, there is still mystery surrounding the death of Atty Michael Allison, the Liberian lawyer who blew the whistle in the controversial US$25, 000 involving House Speaker Alex Tyler and Representative Adolph Lawrence. Atty Allison was found dead on a non-commercial beach last Thursday in Monrovia.

According to information reaching the INQUIRER, security forces are still investigating to unravel circumstances that led to his death. But initial police report suspect foul play, as bruises were found on his body, indicating that he was attacked. One report said his body was seen with cuts on the eye and chin.

Many persons who heard about this incident in which it was initially said that Atty Allison, a member of the Maryland County Bar, where he was admitted 2012, has expressed shock and disbelief that the man drowned and his body was discovered the same day.

They said that in such a situation, it may take three days to recover such a person. “This other drowning is very strange,” one source said. Another remarked: “This does not normally happen when one really drowns.”

In a Press Release issued on February 14, 2015, the Liberia National Police (LNP) said “the LNP through its Crime Against Persons Unit of the Crime Service Department (CSD), wish to inform the public that it is currently investigating an alleged drowning case in which one Michael Allison was discovered lying unconscious on the beach on 4th Street in Sinkor on Thursday, February 12, 2015”.

The Police said a brief case history of this event revealed that during the evening hours of February 12, 2015, at about 18 00 hrs, Mr. Michael Allison and his female friend (name withheld) were walking along the 4th Street beach when he allegedly told her that he was feeling warm and wanted to waste some sea water on his body. It was further alleged that he then took off his clothes and walked into the sea at which time he allegedly drowned.

In furtherance of the case, the Government of Liberia (GOL) brought into the country a Sierra Leonean Pathologist to conduct an autopsy on the body. However, the autopsy result is yet to be released to the public as speculations and suspicions continue to abound.