Schools In Nimba Remain Closed

By Solomon T. Gaye

The Ministry of Education’s mandate seems far from being realized relative to the reopening of schools on February 16, 2015 in Nimba County especially in the Bain- Garr School District.

Bain- Garr School District has nine high schools operating in the commercial City of Ganta with more than 30 private and public elementary with junior high schools but nearly all the school campuses visited were deserted by school administrators and students.

During a guided tour at the J .W. Pearson High School in Ganta, the Pearson Elementary and Jr. High Extension, The Arthur Wuogbeh Elementary, The Geolanda Elementary Jr. and Sr. High, the Ganta United Methodist High, and the Messiah Elementary Jr. and Sr. High Schools were all closed with absolutely no act of preparations in sight at those campuses.

Last week, the District Education Officer for the Bain- Garr School District reminded all schools operating in the district to reopen on February 16 which was mandated by the Ministry of Education but it appears that the DEO’s call fell on deaf ears in Ganta City.

When contacted, the Principal of the J. W, Pearson High School in Ganta, James SayeKardimie said that the school was still awaiting the arrival of the Ebola materials for the opening of schools and that parents were also not turning out for registration.

Speaking to this paper in Ganta, a resident and concerned citizen of Nimba, Old man Peter Paye said Ebola has caused the delay in education and the ‘no money to register syndrome’ is due to the hardship as well as the recently imposed three months State of Emergency.

Also the Hope Academy High School Principal in Ganta, Rachael Gbatu said the school is still carrying out pre-registration and that the school would probably open on Monday, February 23.