One Injured In Land Dispute

By Lawrence T. Hoff

A man identified as George Kuaye, age 34, is a victim of land conflict, leaving one of his fingers on the left hand cut off by Pastor James Zordyu, an alleged non-licensed surveyor in the county.

Mr. Kuaye alleged that the land in question was bought by his family from David Blaye and surveyed by Blaye and Pastor Zordyu in 2010 and that the parcel of land on which is a cornerstone marked situated in the Kpannah’s Town Community around the IGO Bible School.

According to Kuaye, the land was apparently sold to two persons by Pastor Zordyu because the remaining lot of land on which a construction work was being carried out was sold to his family.

The victim said when they later discovered that some people were carrying out construction work on their land and that their cornerstones were removed and replaced by other corner stones, they engaged the people and were told that the land was sold to them by Pastor Zordyu, the alleged non-licensed surveyor.

The victim further explained that Mr. Zordyu was asked to put the rightful cornerstone-D.K. which belongs to his family but Mr. Zordyu told his family that the cornerstone was not for their land.

The victim also alleged that Mr. Zordyu started insulting his mother and other family members and while in the argument, Mr. Zordyu hit him in his chest and when he attempted to react, his finger landed in Mr. Zordyu’s mouth and was bitten off.

Since Friday, the perpetrator has been on the run while the matter is before the police awaiting investigation.

Meanwhile, the zone leader of Peachuezohn and the Flour Mill Communities has also accused Pastor Zordyu of illegal sale of land in those communities. Mr. James Zekiel who has accused Mr. Zordyu of not being a licensed surveyor said he is in the habit of selling lands to more than two persons something he said is causing serious problems in the community.

Mr. Zekiel said Pastor Zordyu has been warned on many occasions of selling lands illegally by the land commissioner of Grand Bassa County but when contacted, Mr. Zordyu denied the allegation saying it is meant to destroy his character built over the years and threatened legal action against Mr. Zekiel, if he does not apologize.