Kwageh Joins Ebola Fight In Bong County

By Dougba K. McCay- Correspondent

Kwageh Community Development Program (KCDP) with head office in Salala District, Lower Bong County, has identified with 37-schools in Fuamah District, Lower Bong County and 20 Ebola victims and survivors.

Kwageh community Development Program is a humanitarian organization based in Liberia in order to help Government combat the deadly Ebola virus out of the country.

The donation was done in Bong Mines and Mawah respectively with each school receiving buckets, Chlorine, tile-soap and other assorted items.

Ebola Survivors received 50 United States Dollars per- person with 25Kg bag of rice.

Speaking to this paper recently in Bong Mines Fuamah District, lower Bong County, the Executive Director of Kwageh, Mr. Martian F. Kerkula Sr. and former senatorial candidate of the just ended senatorial Election in Bong County, stressed that the gesture is to help the government in the re-opening of schools for the children to have their hands clean while in school.

He added that many of the survivors and victims have gone through terrible experience. “In this light it is our own way of saying to the people of Fuamah District sorry for the loss of their love-ones; we feel the pain as well,” the senator indicated.

Mr. Kerkula further added that the funding is not from his pockets, but a group based in the United States of America called (TAIA), noting that the project was writing partially for the people of Fuamah District.

He added that the total cost of the materials distributed were a little over USD$ 6000, meant for the three Lower Districts namely; Sonayea, Fuamah and Salala Districts in Bong County.

Meanwhile Mr. Martian further added that the process have no Political motive saying, “If I want to contest come 2017, it will be in Fuamah or Sonayea Districts,” something he said the Election will be for Representatives not for Senators.

For their part, some Ebola victims and survivors thanked the organization for coming to their aid, noting that the materials will indeed be used for the intended purpose.