What Or Who Killed Whistle Blower?…Foreign Pathologist Expected

There is still mystery surrounding the death of Atty Michael Allison, the Liberian lawyer who blew the whistle in the controversial US25, 000 involving House Speaker Alex Tyler and Representative Adolph Lawrence. Atty Allison was found dead on a non-commercial beach last Friday in Monrovia.

Up to press time, security forces are still investigating to unravel circumstances that led to his death. But initial police report suspect foul play, as bruises were found on his body, indicating that he was attacked. One report said his body was seen with cuts on the eye and chin.

Many persons who heard about this incident in which it was initially said that Atty Allison, a member of the Maryland County Bar, where he was admitted 2012, has expressed shock and disbelief that the man drowned and his body was discovered the same day.

They said that in such a situation, it may take three days to recover such a person. “This other drowning is very strange,” one source said. Another remarked: “This does not normally happen when one really drowns.”

Others are wondering why this lawyer decided to go on a bench that is not normally used for commercial purposes, as other beaches in and around Monrovia.

What also remains a puzzle is the claim that he was accompanied on the beach by a lady, who is yet to be identified, and that while drowning, he was rescued by some individuals, who also are yet to be identified.

However, the FrontPage Newspaper quoted a lady on the scene who claimed that the deceased was her boyfriend.

As this paper investigates the incident, others said that for sometimes now, the deceased has been complaining about threats on his life since he blew the whistle about the US$25,000, which led to the arrest of Representative Adolph Lawrence by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), while he and the lawmaker were transacting in the bank.

When the INQUIRER visited the deceased’s residence in Sinkor, it was established that prior to his demise he resided in an apartment alone but it could not be established as to how he left his residence prior to his death. Some security attendants noted that the late Atty Allison was a kind man but was keen on those coming to visit his apartment. “He could give orders before we could allow someone to visit him but really it is shocking that he was discovered on the beach,” one security said.

In a Special Press Release issued on February 14, 2015, the Liberia National Police (LNP) said “the LNP through its Crime Against Persons Unit of the Crime Service Department (CSD), wish to inform the public that it is currently investigating an alleged drowning case in which one Micheal Allison was discovered lying unconscious on the beach on 4th Street in Sinkor on Thursday, February 12, 2015”.

The Police said “a brief case history of this event revealed that during the evening hours of February 12, 2015, at about 18 00 hrs, Mr. Michael Allison and his female friend (name withheld) were walking along the 4th Street beach when he allegedly told her that he was feeling warm and wanted to waste some sea water on his body. It is further alleged that he then took off his clothes and walked into the sea at which time he allegedly drowned.”

The LNP also noted that “the body of the victim is presently deposited at the John F. Kennedy Hospital Morgue for preservation, pending autopsy. The police stated further that arrangement is being made for a foreign pathologist to be flown into the country to conduct an autopsy. The autopsy report will assist the police in its investigation.”

Meanwhile, the Police are appealing to the public for any information that may assist the investigation, the special Press release concluded.

It can be recalled that the late Allison, son of former Defense Minister, Gray D. Allison, was the Liberian lawyer who raised the red flag that exposed the US$25,000 oil consultation money.

The story is that the late Allison was entitled to US$12,000 as his balance for the oil consultation. But instead of that amount, he was given a check of US$25,000, which he saw as being very unfair and therefore alerted the LACC which swiftly went to the bank and arrested the lawmaker.

It is said that when he raised eyebrow, Speaker Tyler requested that representative Lawrence accompany and do as the Representative could request.

Sensing something very fishy about the transaction, it was said it was then while in the bank the lawyer alerted the LACC which immediately dispatched a team that apprehended the lawmaker.

The matter is still before the LACC, and that he deceased was a key witness in the investigation. With his death now, many see this as a major blow to the investigation.